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Wild Thing
Debut Series 2003 First Editions
Produced 2003 - 2009
Designer Larry Wood
Number 56358
Wild Thing Demonition

The Wild Thing car has three wheels, and is the only three-wheeled car in the Hot Wheels 35th anniversary movie Highway 35: World Race. This model has an opening hood, revealing a beast of an engine!


The Wild Thing has come out in the following 1/64th versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
018 / 220 2003 First Editions 6/42 Metalflake Orange Silver stripes on sides Orange / Plastic Clear Chrome MC1 56358 Malaysia Opening hood Wildthing
2003 Highway 35 World Race - Dune Ratz 23/35 Black and Dark Green Dune Ratz tampos Orange tint Chrome Hidden B1060 IMG 2261
151 2004 Demonition Series 4/5 Metalflake Maroon Gargoyle and flame tampos on sides and hood Black / Plastic Blue tint Chrome Hidden B3872 Malaysia Opening Hood Wild Thing Demonition
2004 Halloween Highway Red Big Alien on hood and sides Black / Plastic Yellow tint Chrome Hidden
2004 Park'n Plates Silver Red stripe, Superman logo on hood Black / Plastic Blue Tint Chrome Hidden Avon exclusive
2004 Mutant Biotronic Kingdom Set Yellow Blue Tampos Black / Plastic Balck Tint Chrome Hidden
IMG 1874 24
N/A 2005 Superman vs. Lex Luthor 2-Pack Bright Red & Dark Blue Huge Superman Image on Front,Other Superman Details Dark Gray / Plastic Orange Tint Chrome Hidden N/A Malaysia 100 0783
187 2006 2006 Hot Wheels Red Red Flames on side outlined in Yellow Clear Chrome Hidden Wild Thing - 06Mainline187
5/20 2009 Larry's Garage Flat Gray Orange, and Yellow flames on sides and hood with Magenta "40" with white deco on sides Black / Plastic Orange Chrome Hidden N9058 Mayalsia Wildthing larrys grey
5/20 2009 Larry's Garage Metalflake Light Blue Orange, and Yellow flames on sides and hood with Black "40" with white deco on sides Black / Plastic Light Blue Chrome Hidden N9058 Mayalsia Willd Thing Blue LWSeries
5/20 2009 Larry's Garage Lime Green Yellow flames on sides and hood with Black "40" with white deco on sides Black / Plastic Clear Chrome Hidden N9058 Mayalsia Wildthing larrys green
5/21 2009 Larry's Garage 21-Car Set Metalflake Steel Blue Black / Plastic Red tint Chrome Malaysia Wild Thing - LG21Set


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