Whatta Drag
Debut Series 1998 First Editions
Produced 1998-
Designer Phil Riehlman
Number 18856
Whatta Drag Red

WhattaDrag Showcar


Whatta Drag is a Hot Wheels casting that debuted in the 1998 Hot Wheels line. Designed by Phil Riehlman, Whatta Drag heavily modified the BMW Isetta 3-wheel bubble-car and turned it into a V8-powered dragster. In 2005, Bruce Weiner of the Weiner Microcar Museum commissioned John Eversley of Evermoor Engineering LTD in Winder, GA to build a working, life-size version of this car, using a 1959 Isetta, a supercharged Chevy Big Block V8 and a massive single rear wheel; conceived by Bruce and a Hot Wheels model as the blueprint.


The Whatta Drag has come out in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
673 1998 First Editions #36 Met. Dark Red Purple, Yellow, Green scallops Unpainted / Metal Orange tint Chrome 3SP 18856 Malaysia Whatta Drag Red
1044 1999 Crazy Classics III 5pk & Mainline Black White, Red, Yellow "6" Hot Wheels Logo Unpainted / Metal Red tint Chrome 5SP 18856 Malaysia Whatta Drag Blk
213 2000 Mainline Orange White, Red, Yellow "6" Hot Wheels Logo Unpainted / Metal Black tint Chrome 5SP Malaysia Whatta Drag Org
145 2002 Mainline Yellow Silver, Yellow Black "12" Unpainted / Metal Clear Chrome 3SP 55030 Malaysia Whatta Drag Yel
163 2004 Roll Patrol Black White & blue tampos, "Police Sector Patrol" Blue Tint 5SP Whatta Drag CIMG1040
147 2007 All Stars 15/24 Black Red, white & black HW logo Red 5DOT Malaysia 2007-Whatta Drag
147 2007 All Stars 15/24 Yellow Red, white & black HW logo Red Chrome 5SP L3100 Malaysia 8580388282 17ec0834d7 b
2012 HW's Boulevard - Underdogs Matte Red/White White scallop paint, number 59 Unpainted / Metal Clear Chrome MD w/ whitewalls on front / MC5 on rear W4628 Malaysia DSC03277