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Typical Wal-Mart - 9483df

A typical Wal-Mart.

Hot Wheels has teamed up with Wal-Mart since 2002 to bring to the Hot Wheels Collector, Wal-Mart Exclusives. Those Exclusives vaires from Mainline Exclusives, sets, to series. Below are links going to the series, and will be a list of selected pieces of Hot Weels called Wal-Mart Mainline Exclusives. Wal-Mart Mainline Exclusives are unlike K-Mart Days, but share the same. The only difference are the color variations, and at Wal-Mart there's no announcement like K-Mart, but they have became a Chase Car. Aslo on the list below will show the Chase Car listed.

Wal-Mart Chase Car

Wal-Mart by Series



2006 and Up




Wal-Mart Mainline Exclusives

2005 Hot Wheels

2006 Hot Wheels

2007 Hot Wheels

2008 Hot Wheels

2009 Hot Wheels

Wal-Mart Gift Sets

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