Volkwagen Deluxe Station Wagon
Debut Series 2002 100% Hot Wheels 06/32
Produced 2002-Present
Designer  ?
Number 54513
VW21window neopink


Microbus, vee-dub van, or hippie-mobile, whatever you call it, the Volkswagen Deluxe Station Wagon is a hard to find collector favorite.

Widely recognized as the ultimate icon of hippie counterculture, the Volkswagen Type 2 (or Transporter) as it was officially named, was actually first released in 1950.


The Volkwagen Deluxe Station Wagon has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Body Color Tampo Base Color / Type  Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
3/6 2008 HWC Series 7 Neo Classics Spectraflame Pink with Chrome roof Silver foil flames on sides, Pink pinstripe design on roof. Pearl White rag top Full metal, Gloss White chassis Clear Black RL China Released October 14, 2008. Limited to 10,000 Pieces VW21window neopink
17/34 2010 Delivery - Slick Rides Metalflake Silver / Metalflake Red Red and White "PPG Industries" Unpainted / Metal Clear Black Red Line RRMAG R3737 Thailand Issued as "Volkswagen Deluxe" Vw21window delivery PPG
17/34 2010 Delivery - Slick Rides 2-tone Metallic Blue Blue and White "PPG Industries" Unpainted / Metal Clear Black Red Line RRMAG R3737 Thailand Issued as "Volkswagen Deluxe" VW21Window Delivery PPG2
2012 Saturday Evening Post Metalflake Silver the Saturday Evening Post Unpainted / Metal Clear Black RLRRS "Sport" April 29, 1939 SEPVOLKS
2015 Pop Culture Batman (Classic TV Series) Metalflake Green Joker and “HauahHahaaaa!” on right side, Batman hitting Joker “Zok!” on left, Joker and Batman logo on roof. Unpainted / Metal Clear Black WLRRPrf CFP41 Thailand Base code(s): H05 HW-Batman Classic TV Series-Volkswagen Custom Deluxe Wagon-Joker.
2017 Nestle White Nerds candy graphics Unpainted / Metal Light Blue Tinted Black Blue RR5SP w/ White Lines DWH19 Thailand Base code(s): VW DLX Station Wagon - 17 PopCultureNerds 600pxOTD


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