Released in 2009, the Volkswagen 5-Pack featured 5 Volkswagen Cars. Below are the 5 castings in this 5-Pack.

Volkswagen 5-Pack


The Following Castings were in the Volkswagen 5-Pack (N4077):

Casting Name Body Color Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
Volkswagen Beetle Red Silver Clear White 5SP Thailand VW Bug - VW 5-Pack
Volkswagen Golf GTI Yellow Silver Black Black OH5 Thailand VW GTI - 09 VW 5-Pack
Baja Bug Blue Silver None Orange Orange 5SP Thailand Baja Bug - VW 5-Pack
VW Golf White Silver Red Black PR5 Thailand VW Golf - 09 VW 5-Pack
Volkswagen New Beetle Cup Orange Black Clear Black 10SP Thailand Removable body VW Beetle Cup - VW 5-Pack