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    122 and counting.

    September 26, 2011 by Pdas1996

    I counted my collection today, and I came up with a number near 122.

    I have 6 carded ones, 'El Rey Special (2011 Hot Ones)', 'Hammerhead (2011 New Models)', Chevy Camaro Concept x3 (2x Indy 500 pace Car [2010], 1x Indy 500 Pace Car [2009]), Off Track (2011 Thrill Racers/The car designed after the TEAM Hot Wheels Indy 500 truck).

    I also have 122 or so loose cars.

    Off the top of my head, I know I have:

    5 DeLoreans (Silver, Gold, Black, Time Machine (2011), FTE)

    Off Track (2011 Thrill Racers, 1 loose, 1 carded)

    2 Maverick Grabbers (2011)

    2 COPO Corvettes (Blue, White)

    2 Danicars (Yellow, Red)

    2 Danica Patrick Chevy Impalas (Both the same)

    2 Camaro Concepts (Red Pace Car, Yellow KMART)

    Avant Garde, Dodge Neon Dragster, Corvette C5,

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