• PatrickF1

    Lamborghinis are very famous supercars, dating back to the 60s, so why doesn't Hotwheels have more than 13? Look at Ferrari, for exsample. there are 45 of them, dating back to the seventes. The first Hotwheels Lamborghini wasn't 'till 1988.  Plus, Lamborghini is throwing out tons of new models and concepts to the public.  Also there are notable lambos from the old days, such as the Muria. So why not more for us hotwheels lovers?

    I've been looking around on the internet, and I've found some impressive Lamborghinis Hotwheels Hasn't made yet. There's the Veneno, Veneno roadster, Concept S, Muria, and Egoista.  Some of those are concept cars, one is classic and 2 are in production.  If you want pics, go to This link.  Also, If you feel there's …

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