Hey guys i am new to all this so maybe you can help I just found 2 treasure hunts and when I got home I found out one is called a super treasure hunt. Oh yeah it would help to tell you what they are. 55 Chevy, they are both on long cards and I was wandering how much something like that sells for and are they worth holding on to? I also was shopping the other day and I can't help it but I buy anything Ferrari,So I find about 10 yellow 2009 512m's and I really didn't think much about it but when i looked carefully at the picture on the card something was amiss. So low and behold I look at these cars and where it is supposed to be blue on the sides of the car well its missing! There is blue on the back fender leading towards the front door and then it stops. According to pictures on line of this car as well as the hard card the blue should go across the top portion of the side skirts,and up towards the front fenders.Mine as I said goes across the back fender and instead of going down to the skirt and across towards the front door it just stops.I can tell it tried to print the blue color but it didn't happen!Matter of fact i just looked closer at the blue on all my cars and it blue stops were the back end should lift up on the car.Is this considered a rarity?, and should I hold on to these? Thanks a lot! Also has anyone noticed on the 2010 I believe silverado with the motorcycle in the back the color it shows on the card is orange and yet the truck is like a copper rust color. I was at star bucks when I was looking at it and I asked about ten people what color the card was and they all said orange, as well as them saying the truck looked nothing like that color???????Palmieriracing 05:56, October 26, 2009 (UTC)

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