• Palmieriracing

    Zhu Zhu Hamsters!

    October 29, 2009 by Palmieriracing

    Hey guys I have for ZHu Zhu hamsters if you know of anyone looking for some there all different! Thanks

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  • Palmieriracing

    Hey guys i am new to all this so maybe you can help I just found 2 treasure hunts and when I got home I found out one is called a super treasure hunt. Oh yeah it would help to tell you what they are. 55 Chevy, they are both on long cards and I was wandering how much something like that sells for and are they worth holding on to? I also was shopping the other day and I can't help it but I buy anything Ferrari,So I find about 10 yellow 2009 512m's and I really didn't think much about it but when i looked carefully at the picture on the card something was amiss. So low and behold I look at these cars and where it is supposed to be blue on the sides of the car well its missing! There is blue on the back fender leading towards the front door an…

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  • Palmieriracing

    I just picked up these new 2010 Hot wheels in case someone wants to know whats out there right now?

    1. Rigor Motor Lime green metalic and Gold plate

    2.Chevy Silverado ace World Flourescent yellow and chrome

    3. Twin Mill Race World Valcanometalic black with red flames and red rims

    4. Ford Mustang Fastback Faster than eversilver with blue and white stripes

    5. Hot Bird Race World Valcano metalic blue with red and yellow flames and red rims no glass were T-Top is

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