Managed to find out new delivery cars:


’29 Ford Pickup

’32 Ford Sedan Delivery (MODIFIED!)

’34 Ford

’49 Ford C.O.E. (NEW!)

’50s Chevy® Truck

’55 Chevy® Panel

’56 Chevy® Nomad™ (MODIFIED!)

’56 Flashsider®

’56 Ford

’59 Cadillac® Funny Car

’64 GMC® Panel* (NEW!)

’66 Dodge A100 (NEW!)

’69 Custom Volkswagen Squareback* (NEW!)

’72 Ford Ranchero

’83 Chevy® Silverado™

8 Crate® (MODIFIED!)

Anglia Panel

Baja Breaker®

Combat Medic

Convoy Custom™


Custom ’59 Chevy® (NEW!)

Custom '62 Chevy®

Custom '69 Chevy® Pickup

Custom '77 Dodge Van

Dairy Delivery®

Deco Delivery™

Double Demon Delivery™ ( [Double Demon])

GMC® Motorhome

Hiway Hauler®

Ice Cream Truck

Power Panel®

Super Van (RETOOLED!)

Volkswagen Deluxe Station Wagon

JapSkylineDrifter 07:41, October 23, 2009 (UTC)

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