• Daniel7196

    This is one of Hot Wheel's newest play sets. This is in the 2014 HW City series.

    Speed Junction comes most likely with Repo Duty from 2013. This set comes with 14 pieces and a car. It includes: a tree, light, speed signal, intersection, turn, advertisement, parking lot, over-head turn with bridge. You can expand the set with some Track Builder roads and sets. I'd rate this set 3 out of 5 stars. Read more >
  • Daniel7196

    If any of you collectors don't have any Hot Wheels Mystery models yet then check this out.

    At some Walmarts across the country, people have found some leftover 2013 Hot Wheels Mystery models series 2. They are ether appearing in dump bins or in boxes. This time in series 2, it's just the car and a sticker with a hole to peep in for the car. Probably the only way to cheat on fining out what car it is to find a bar code in the front of the package and compare it to the car's number on the back for example: F37 / 19. The cars in series 2 are: Mitsubishi Double Shotz, Cadillac LMP, Old No. 3, Avant Garde, Steel Flame, Brit Speed, '63 T-Bird, Asphalt Assault, Fangula, Hot Tub, Hypertruck, Lotus Sport Elise.
    I picked out some cars for the media.


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