The Ultimate Spider-Man vs The Sinister 6 was a series of 10 cars decorated in Spider-Man (or his villains') graphics released exclusively at Kroger in the spring of 2016 to coincide with the new season of the TV series of the same name. All vehicles are existing Hot Wheels castings that feature exclusive graphics.

Wave 1

Casting Name Character Color Toy # Variations/Notes Photo
Monoposto Spider-Man Image Not Available
Blvd. Bruiser Spider-Man Image Not Available
Power Pistons Lizard Image Not Available
Battle Spec Green Goblin Image Not Available
What-4-2 Doctor Octopus Image Not Available

Wave 2

Casting Name Character Color Toy # Variations/Notes Photo
Zotic Spider-Man Image Not Available
Bedlam Spider-Man Image Not Available
Repo Duty Rhino Image Not Available
Fandango Electro Metalflake Black DJJ74 Fandango - 16 Spider-Man Sinister6 600pxOTD
Ettorium Kraven Image Not Available

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