Turbo Flame
Debut Series 1996 First Editions
Produced 1996 - 2006
Designer Greg Padginton
Number 14909
Turbo Flame Wht


A fantasy design conceived by Greg Padginton, this racer is styled in the shape of the Hot Wheels flame logo (albeit somewhat flattened).


The Turbo Flame has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color/Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
369 1996 First Editions #8 of 12 White Red, Yellow "Hot Wheels" Unpainted / Metal Orange tint White 5SP 14909 Malaysia Turbo Flame Wht
571 1997 Rockin' Rods #3 of 4 Purple Red, Yellow, Black, White Guitar & lightning bolts Black / Metal Yellow tint Purple 5SP 16944 Malaysia Named: Red-Hot Rockin Roller Turbo Flame PrpRR
753 1998 Treasure Hunts #5 Chrome Green tint Chrome 5SP Turbo Flame - 98TH
975 1999 Mega Graphics #3 of 4 Black Red, Yellow, Gold, "12" "TEAM SWISHER" Red / Metal Yellow tint Black Gold 5SP 16944 Malaysia Playable vehicle in Stunt Track Driver 2: Get 'n Dirty Turbo Flame Blk
112 2000 Virtual Collection Red Clear Red, Yellow, Orange, "turbo flame" Unpainted / Metal Orange tint Red Clear Gold 5SP Malaysia Turbo Flame Red
5pk 2001 Spider Slam Purple Black, Orange, White "TRAPPER" Black / Metal Red tint Purple 5SP Thailand Turbo Flame Prp
2001 Spider Slam Track Set (2001) Black Purple, Green & Black Spider Metal Orange Tint Black 5SP Thailand 20151011 142411
5pk 2002 Insectiride Chrome Black, Yellow and orange-red insect wing design w/ HW logo and "insectiride" Green / Metal Clear Chrome 5SP Thailand Turboflame insect
125 2003 Track Aces Green Green Yellow and black flames w/ Black and White HW logo Flat Metallic Green / Metal Green tint Green Gold 5SP Malaysia Turboflame aces green
2004 Track Aces Pearl White Orange, Black and White flaming HW logo, "3" Metallic dark Orange / Metal Orange tint Pearl White Screamin' PR5 Malaysia Turboflame aces
5pk 2006 Wild Things Green-Yellow Red, Black and White design w/  "WT" and "1" Unpainted / Metal Orange tint Green-Yellow Orange PR5 China Turboflame wild