This specific Truckin' Transporter features a bed that folds down and serves as a ramp. It has 8 Chrome Pipes coming out from behind the cab and another 3 coming out from the engine. The cab itself resembles that of the Bone Shaker. Coincidently, this model came with the Bone Shaker and features matching paint schemes as well as the Bone Shaker's iconic "Skull & Crossbone" design and well as the title Bone Shaker on the cab's doors. The "M8752" in the name is the Toy # or SKU #. Since these transporters are not named, there is no better way of distinguishing them. the lower end of the ramp also has an extendable connector that can be used to connect the transporter's ramp directly to any Hot Wheels track. this transporter was re-released in an alternate color scheme as "Rumble Road" with the "Barbaric" vehicle packaged with it instead of the "Bone Shaker " vehicle, and paint schemes referencing the "Barbaric " vehicle as well.

Truckin' Transporter with Exclusive Vehicle

Truckin Transporters and Bone Shaker - M8752

Truckin Transporters and Bone Shaker - Open - M8752

Truckin' Transporter

Truckin Transporters - M8752

Exclusive Vehicle: Bone Shaker

Bone Shaker - TT - M8752

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