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In 2013, the mainline was revamped, and Track Stars were changed back to track aces, and made part of the Hot Wheels racing segment. This is a list of all Track Aces from 2013 and on. I called the page Track Aces II because I didn't want it to be confused with the original Track Aces.

2013 track stars

Toy #


Model Name


Series #


X1753 121 Circle Trucker (2013 Treasure Hunts Series) olive/yellow and black tampos, "Tim" and "6", t-hunt symbowl


Circle Trucker-2013 121 Track Aces

X1754 122 Circle Tracker blue/red and white stripes, checker flag decos, hotwheels symbowl, "26", "sice 1986" and "miller's pattern marking." 2/10

Circle Tracker-2013 122 Track Aces

X1755 123 GM Chevroletor black/red and white stripes, #9. 3/10

2013 GM Chevroletor

X1756 124 Bad to the Blade black/T-hunt symbol, #8, "X-1120" 4/10

Bad to the Blade-2013 124 TH

X1656 125 Maximum Leeway red/ #45, sponsors, "Maximum Leeway Racing" 5/10

Maximum Leeway-2

X1757 126 2011 IndyCar Oval Course Race Car metaflake purple/ orange, white, and black decos, #11. 6/10

2011 IndyCar Oval Course Race Car-2013 126 Track Aces

X1758 127 Dirty Outlaw orange and black/orange, blue and white stripes, #3, sponsors. 7/10


X1759 128 Fast Fish (2013 Treasure Hunts Series) lt. blue/ one large orange stripe down the center, T-hunt symbowl, "GULF" logo, #17.



X1760 129 F1 Racer blue green/orange, black, and white decos,sponsors, #1. 9/10


X1645 130 Tarmac Attack (2013 New Models) white/#6, stripes, checker flag decos, Hotwheels logo.



See [[Track Aces] and [Track Stars]

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