Toyota 2000GT Roadster
Debut Series Hot Wheels Entertainment (James Bond: You Only Live Twice)
Produced 2015 - Present
Designer  ?
Number CFR18
Toyota 2000GT Roadster package front


The Toyota 2000 GT is a limited-production, front-engine, rear-wheel drive, two-seat, hardtop coupé grand tourer designed by Toyota in collaboration with Yamaha.

The 2000GT revolutionized the automotive world's view of Japan, then viewed as a producer of imitative and stodgily practical vehicles. As sleek, high-performance fastback, it demonstrated its auto makers could produce a sports car to rival the better marques of Europe. Today, the 2000GT is seen as the first seriously collectible Japanese car and its first supercar. Examples of the 2000GT have sold at auction for as much as US$1,200,000 (~€1.1 million).

The Toyota 2000GT Roadster made its most famous screen appearance in the 1967 James Bond movie You Only Live Twice, most of which was filmed in Japan. Two one-off topless models—fitted only with tonneau covers to simulate functioning convertible roofs—were made specially for the film. It is claimed a targa roof had been considered to accommodate the burly 6' 2" (1.88 m) Sean Connery. This retained the original car's fastback profile but eliminated rear side windows. Purportedly, Connery's head stuck out of the top and a roofless version was fabricated in just two weeks for the movie. The car was mainly driven by Bond girlfriend Aki (Akiko Wakabayashi) in the film.

The engine was a longitudinally mounted 2.0 L (121 in³) straight-6 (the 3M) based on the engine in the top-of-the-line Toyota Crown sedan. It was transformed by Yamaha with a new double overhead camshaft head into a 112 kW (150 hp) sports car engine.

Bond actor Daniel Craig voted the Toyota 2000GT as his favourite Bond car of all time.

1/64 scale versions

The Toyota 2000GT Roadster has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
- 2015 Hot Wheels Entertainment (James Bond: You Only Live Twice) White Black grille, details on sides, detailed taillights on rear White / Metal Clear Dark Grey RRWSP CFR18 Malaysia Base code(s): H22 Toyota 2000GT Roadster-2015 Entertainment


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