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In 2010 Hot Wheels released 8 vehicles featuring characters, from the Disney/Pixar movie, Toy Story 3. Each character uniquely transformed into the actual vehicle.

In early 2011 a second wave was released, the cars were distributed simply under the Toy Story name. This second wave also included a 9th car, "R.C. To Go" soon after a third wave hit featuring the 10th and 11th cars in the series. The latest 2 are called "Land Speed Lenny" and "Rocky Road"

ToyStory Card
2010 ToyStory3 card


The Following Characters were in the Toy Story 3 series:

Characters Body Color Base Color / Type Wheel Type Toy # Country Character Photo
Blastin' Buzz White / Green Black / Plastic OH5 P4829 Thailand Buzz Lightyear BlastinBuzz
Hamm on Wheels Metallic Pink/Peach Black / Metal Gold Chrome 5SP P4830 Thailand Hamm the Piggy Bank HammOnWheels
Little Green Speedster Metallic Blue Metallic Blue / Metal Purple Chrome OH5 P4834 Thailand Little Green Man (L.G.M.) LittleGreenSpeedster
Lotso Speed Metallic Magenta Unpainted / Metal 5SP R2518 Thailand Lotso Huggin' Bear LotsoSpeed
Rex Rider 2-Tone green Pale Green / Plastic OH5 P4832 Thailand Rex the Tyrannosaurus RexRider
Speedin' Stretch Metallic Purple Unpainted / Metal Purple Chrome OH5 R2519 Thailand Stretch the Octopus SpeedinStretch
Turbo Chunk Metallic Light Orange Black / Plastic OH5 R2520 Thailand Chunk TurboChunk
Wheelin' Woodie Pearl White / Yellow Black / Metal Gold Chrome 5SP P4831 Thailand Woody the Cowboy WheelinWoodie
R.C. To Go Green Blue / Plastic Red Chrome 5SP T8550 Thailand R.C. RCtoGo
Land Speed Lenny Metallic Blue Blue / Metal Orange Wheel, Chrome OH5 T8551 Thailand Lenny the Binoculars LandSpeedLemmy
Rocky Road Metallic Yellow Gray / Plastic Red Chrome 5SP T8552 Thailand Rocky the Wrestler RockyRoad

Bucket O' Speed




Green Chrome CT T8549 Thailand

Bucket O'


Jammin' Jessie Pearl White/ Mettalic Blue



Gold PR5 T8554 Thailand Jessie
Jammin' Jessie 1
Zurg GT Metallic Purple Red/ Plastic RLPR5 T8553 Thailand Evil Emperor Zurg Zurg 05
Woody Wagon Pearl White/ Mettalic Blue Black/ Plastic ? W4480 Thailand Woody the Cowboy
Woody Wagon,

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