Tough Customer
Debut Series Flying Colors
Produced 1975 - 1978
Designer Larry Wood
Number 7655
1 tough customer olive

Tough Customer Description

Mattel introduced the Tough Customer in 1975. appears it could be a M60.This was the first year military vehicles were released. The early version is the only tank to have the name cast into the base "Tough Customer".

Can you name 6 Redline Hot wheels that never had redlines? This is one. Two are the same cast with different names.and the other two are released the same year as the Tough Customer. Last one is a year later.

Re:released with different names and cast numbers see  Battle Tank (1982) in the Megaforce  series made for the  Megaforce Movie &  Action Command series Big Bertha (1985)


Tough Customer has come out in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
1975 Flying Colors Shiny Olive White "Army" tampo on top Olive / Plastic None None Has small, hidden rollers 7655 Hong Kong Tough Customer on base 1 tough customer olive
1977 Flying Colors dull Olive White "Army" tampo on top Olive / Plastic None None Has small, hidden rollers 7655 Hong Kong blank name 2 tough customer drab olive 1977
489 1996 1996 Hot Wheels Metalflake Purple & Flat Black Silver HW logo & 'Night Force' on rear Black / Plastic None None Black MGW 16309 China Tough Customer package front

Similar Castings and Names

1982 Megaforce

3 battle tank - megaforce 1982

Battle Tank (1982)

1985 Action Command

5 bb dk green shiney olive

Big Bertha (1985)


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