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The Heroes series of vehicles came in special packaging and were all themed with Marvel Comic Book Characters.

All of the vehicles had Black Wall wheels BW and were made in Hong Kong.

Original Casting Year Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Toy # Series Rename Photo
Poison Pinto 1979 Dark Blue Black, White and Orange "The Thing" Black / Plastic Blue tint Chrome 2882 The Thing Thething
Army Funny Car 1979 Black Yellow, Red "HUMAN TORCH" Unpainted / Metal none Unpainted / Metal 2881 Human Torch Humantorch
Spoiler Sport 1979 Yellow Black, White and Green "Hulk" Unpainted / Metal Blue tint Clear Blue 2878 The Incredible Hulk Incrediblehulk
Hot Bird 1979 White Red, Blue, Stars & Stripes "CAPTAIN AMERICA" Unpainted / Metal Blue tint Red 2879 Captain America Captainamerica
Spider-Man Car 1979 Black Red and White "Spider-Man" Unpainted / Metal Red tint Unpainted 2877 Spider-Man Car Spidermancar
Super Van 1979 Yellow Red, Blue and Tan "The Mighty Thor" Unpainted / Metal Black tint Black 2880 Thor Thor
'Vette Van 1981 White Black, Red and Yellow, "Iron Man" on sides Unpainted / Metal Grey tint Tan 3301 Iron Man Iron Man Tan
Inside Story 1981 Chrome Black and Red "Silver Surfer" Blue / Plastic Blue tint Red 3300 Silver Surfer Silver-surfer-inside-story

Scene Machines

Original Casting Year Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Toy # Series Rename Photo
GMC Motorhome 1979 White Black, Blue and Red tampos Red / Plastic Clear Blue 2851 Captain America Van Captainamericavan
Letter Getter 1979 White Green, Black and Red "Incredible Hulk" Black / Plastic Clear Black 2850 The Incredible Hulk Incrediblehulktruck
Inside Story 1979 White Black, Red and Blue "Spider Man" Blue / Plastic Clear Red 2852 Spider-Man Van Spidermanvan

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