The Beatles Yellow Submarine Series was a series of 6 vehicles decorated in graphics from The Beatles Yellow Submarine film (1968) in honor of the 50th Anniversary of The Beatles Yellow Submarine song (1966). Though this series is a Walmart Exclusive, it was released and sold one week earlier at The Mirage Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada in June 2016. All the vehicles are existing Hot Wheels castings that feature exclusive graphics.

Wave 1

# in Series Casting Name Character Color Toy # Variations/Notes Photo 1 (Loose) Photo 2 (Carded)
1/6 Bump Around The Yellow Submarine Yellow DML74 Bump Around - 16 Beatles 600pxOTD 01-06 Bump-Around-e 2
2/6 Cockney Cab II John Lennon White / Lime Green DML70 Image Not Available Image Not Available
3/6 Fish'd & Chip'd Paul McCartney Light Blue DML71 Fish'd&Chip'dBeatles IMG 6168
4/6 Morris Mini George Harrison Red DML72 Mini Cooper - 16 Beatles 600pxOTD Image Not Available
5/6 Fast FeLion Ringo Starr Spectraflame Pink DML75 FastFelionDML75 FastFelionDML75OnCard
6/6 Volkswagen Kool Kombi Blue Meanie Blue DML73 Image Not Available HW Volkswagen-Kool-Kombi Blue 2016 DSCF9200

External Links

Hot Wheels new 6-car set: The Beatles Yellow Submarine

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