The Tattoo Machines series of 12 vehicles were sold in 1993. They came in special packaging which included a small sheet of temporary tattoos. The vehicles had odd tattoo like tampos and were renamed for the theme of the tampos. All the vehicles were made in China.

Main Casting Name Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Series Rename Photo
Baja Breaker Maroon with fading Yellow front Black, Yellow, Red, White mouth with fangs unpainted metal Clear Red BW 3490 Open Wide Baja Breaker OpenWide
Rapid Transit White Brown, Orange, Green covered in words Unpainted Metal Clear Unpainted Metal BW 3502 Bus Boys Rapid Transit WhtTat
Rapid Transit Yellow Brown, Orange, Green covered in words Unpainted Metal Clear Unpainted Metal BW 3502 Bus Boys Rapid Transit YelTat1
Porsche 959 Yellow & Light Green Red, Black , Blue Eyes unpainted metal Clear Grey BW 3493 Eye-Gor Porsche 959 Eyegor
Race Bait 308 Blue White, Red, Yellow, Hot Wheels Logos Black / Metal Grey tint Black BW 3494 "Hot Wheels" Hot Wheels Frri
BMW 323 Metallic Pink Black & White Skulls, Green & Black Snakes Black / Plastic Clear Tan BW 3492 Skull Rider BMW 323 - Tattoo Machines
Talbot Lago White Black and Red Spiders Unpainted / Metal Red tint Chrome WW 3479 Spiderider Talbot Lago Spdr
BMW M1 Met. Blue Purple, Blue and Red dogs Black / Metal Grey tint Black BW Street Dog BMW M1 Dog
Sting Rod Met. Silver Yellow, Black, Green, Red markings Black / Metal Met. Blue Black CTS Black 3527 Ammo Ammo
Science Friction Blue Blue, Pink, Light Green, lightning bolts Metal Chrome unseen BW Lightning Storm Lightning Storm L
Speed Blaster Green with fading Yellow rear Yellow, Green, Red, dragon Green / Plastic Chrome unseen BW Dragon Wagon Speed Blaster grnBW
Red Yellow, Black, White, skull, treasure map, sword Black / Plastic Chrome unseen BW Road Pirate Road Pirate
Monster Vette Yellow Black, Orange, White, tigers & stripes unpainted metal Grey tint Grey tint CTS 3716 "Street Beast" Monster Vette StrtBst R

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