Letter Getter Re-releases

From where does the information come for the Spy Force Series "Delivery Truck" name? If it comes from Hot Wheels/Mattel, it is incorrect, or at least used incorrectly. The actual vehicle release name, according to the name on the card, is called "Combat Ambulance." You can see the confusion this might cause when you click on the "Delivery Truck" link on this page and it takes you to a page where this vehicle isn't listed. That's because this particular vehicle has another name and can be found on the "Combat Ambulance" page.

The name "Combat Ambulance" seems wrong, too, but for another reason. There was a "Combat Medic" and this "Combat Ambulance" name seems like someone was trying to think of the original name but couldn't quite remember it correctly and chose "Amublance" instead of "Medic." Hence, another "known as" casting name for the original "Letter Getter." It must surely be the casting with the most different names!

For now, I'm going to correct the link so that it redirects to the vehicle in the description. Not the "Delivery Truck" of the assigned name. HaarFager 15:33, 19 November 2008 (UTC)

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