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Debut Series Color Shifters Creatures
Produced 2010-Present
Designer Gary Swisher
T-Rextroyer 2

This car is based on a Tyrannosaurus rex. Its name is a combination of "T-Rex" and "Destroyer".  The base indicates this car was originally intended to be called "Tyrannt". The name was most likely changed due to copyright reasons.


This Hot Wheels vehicle has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
2010 Color Shifters Creatures Purple / Red / Yellow HW logo on sides Red N/A N/A 5SP R1184 Thailand Base Code C02 T-Rextroyer 2
2010 Color Shifters Creatures Brown / Purple / Blue HW logo on sides Purple N/A N/A 5SP R7801 Thailand   T-Rextroyer2010 3
  2012 2012 Color Shifters X-Rays Red HW logo on sides Red N/A N/A Yellow 5SP       T-Rextroyer20123
220 2012 Thrill Racers Prehistoric Red   Purple N/A N/A Purple  5SP V5524 Malaysia Base Code(s): E32 2012 T-Rextroyer
066 2013 HW Imagination - Dino Riders Lime Yellow & Brown design Gold / plastic N/A N/A Red wheel, Gold 5SP X1713 Malaysia Base Code(s): E44, E48 T-Rextroyer-2013 066 Dino Riders
066 2013 HW Imagination - Dino Riders Red Yellow & Orange design Beige / plastic N/A N/A Yellow wheel, Gold 5SP X1896 Malaysia Base Code(s): F10 T-Rextroyer-2013 066 Red
N/A 2014 Street Beasts BFB30 Image Not Available
2016 Dino Riders Malaysia Treasure Hunt P1020336 1


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