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Sweet 16 II
Debut Series 1998 First Editions
Produced 1998 - Present Day
Designer Mark Jones
Sweet 16 II DkPrp


The Sweet 16 II is a futuristic car with an elongated engine in the front, with 16 exposed exhaust pipes, hence the name "Sweet 16 II". The name is also a descendant of "Sweet 16", which was a model of an old car with an exposed engine, also with 16 tailpipes. This car was released in 1973.


The Sweet 16 II has come out in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
674 1998 First Editions 30/48 Metalflake Dark Purple No tampo Metalflake Dark Purple / Metal Purple Tint Chrome 5SP 19641 Malaysia Sweet 16 II DkPrp
979 1999 Terrorific Series 3/4 Black Purple, Red and White "DR. VAMP Medic of Transfusions" Unpainted / Metal Yellow Tint Gold Chrome 5SP 21327 Malaysia Sweet 16 II Blk
979 1999 Toys 'R Us Exclusive Metalflake Purple Yellow, Orange & Red Flames Unpainted / Metal Yellow Tint Gold Chrome 5SP 19641 Malaysia only available in baggies with purchase of Play Station Console Sweet 16 II PrpFlms
052 2000 Treasure Hunts Series 4/12 Red Orange, Black and White tampos, "TH 2000" Orange tint CDDRR Sweet 16 II - 00TH
182 2000 Mainline International Light Blue Black, Orange, Green and Blue tampos, Max Steel logo 5SP 25393 Internation release only Image Not Available
2000 Max Steel 5-Pack Light Blue Orange, Green and Black tampos, "Max Steel" logo Unpainted / Metal Orange Tint Chrome 5SP 25366 Malaysia Sweet 16 II LtBlu
2001 Chuck E. Cheese's Special Edition Yellow Orange, Green and Red Flames, Chuck E. Cheese's Logo Unpainted / Metal Green-Tinted White 5SP 27254 Malaysia Sweet16II-ChuckECheese
2001 Spider Slam 5-Pack Metalflake Brown Orange, White, Black and Blue Spider Unpainted / Metal Orange Tint Chrome Gold 5SP 50018 Malaysia Sweet 16 II Brown
212 2002 2002 Hot Wheels Metalflake Red Orange, Black and Yellow Flame, Black and Yellow "Hot Wheels" logo Unpainted / Metal Orange Tint Gray 5SP 55097 Malaysia Sweet 16 II red metallic 2002
105 2003 Spectraflame II 1/5 Metalflake Fuscia Gray pinstriping, "Hot Wheels" logo, "Spectraflame II" on side Black / Metal Purple tint 5SP 57242 Malaysia Sweet 16 II 2003 Spectraflame II 105
174 2006 2006 Hot Wheels 52/96 White Red, White and Blue flames on side Blue / Metal Blue Tint Chrome 5SP J8018 Sweet 16 II - 06Mainline174
N/A 2007 Egg-Clusives Series 12/12 Light Purple Light Purple and Purple tampos with "Hot Wheels Hoppers" and a rabbit on sides Unpainted / Metal Yellow Gold Chrome White 5SP L4711 Thailand4 Wal-Mart Exclusive Sweet 16 egg
075 2008 All Stars 35/36 Metalflake Blue Black, Silver and White tampos w/flames and '16' on sides Unpainted Clear White White 5SP M6941 Malaysia Sweet 16 II blue
075 2008 All Stars 35/36 Metalflake Copper Black, Silver and Red tampos w/flames and '16' on sides Unpainted / Metal Red Red 5SP M6941 Malaysia Sweet16
075 2008 All Stars 35/36 White Black and Gold flames and Silver "16" on sides Unpainted / Metal Black tint Black 5SP M6941 Malaysia Sweet 16 II 2009 075 white
2009 Fright Cars Series Metalflake Blue-Gray Black, Pink and White Flames and HW pumpkin logo Metalflake Gold / Metal Black tint Unseen White rim OH5 Thailand Wal-Mart Exclusive Sweet16II 2009fright
2009 Scary Cars 5-Pack Metallic Orange Black and Yellow Flames, White HW pumpkin logo Unpainted / Metal Clear Black Orange rim OH5 Thailand Target Exclusive Sweet16II 2009scary
2011 Team Hot Wheels Commemorative 20-Pack Metalflake Purple Black/White Flames '16' Unpainted / Metal Gray Tint White 5SP Malaysia


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