Sweet 16 II
Debut Series 1998 First Editions
Produced 1998 - Present Day
Designer Mark Jones
Sweet 16 II DkPrp


The Sweet 16 II is a futuristic car with an elongated engine in the front, with 16 exposed exhaust pipes, hence the name "Sweet 16 II". The name is also a descendant of "Sweet 16", which was a model of an old car with an exposed engine, also with 16 tailpipes. This car was released in 1973.


Sweet 16 II has been released in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
674 1998 First Editions 30/48 Metalflake Dark Purple No tampo Metalflake Dark Purple / Metal Purple Tint Chrome 5SP 19641 Malaysia Sweet 16 II DkPrp
979 1999 Terrorific Series 3/4 Black Purple, Red and White "DR. VAMP Medic of Transfusions" Unpainted / Metal Yellow Tint Gold Chrome 5SP 21327 Malaysia Sweet 16 II Blk
979 1999 Toys 'R Us Exclusive Metalflake Purple Yellow, Orange & Red Flames Metalflake Purple / Metal Yellow Tint Gold Chrome 5SP 19641 Malaysia Bundled only w/ TRU PlayStation Game Playable in Hot Wheels: Turbo Racing Sweet 16 II PrpFlms
052 2000 Treasure Hunts Series 4/12 Red Orange, Black and White tampos, "TH 2000" Unpainted / Metal Orange tint CDDRR Sweet 16 II - 00TH
182 2000 Mainline International Light Blue Black, Orange, Green and Blue tampos, Max Steel logo 5SP 25393 International release only Image Not Available
2000 Max Steel 5-Pack Light Blue Orange, Green and Black tampos, "Max Steel" logo Unpainted / Metal Orange Tint Chrome 5SP 25366 Malaysia Sweet 16 II LtBlu
2001 Chuck E. Cheese's Special Edition Yellow Orange, Green and Red Flames, Chuck E. Cheese's Logo Unpainted / Metal Green-Tinted White 5SP 27254 Malaysia Sweet16II-ChuckECheese
2001 Spider Slam 5-Pack Metalflake Brown Orange, White, Black & Blue Spider Unpainted / Metal Orange Tint Chrome Gold 5SP 50018 Malaysia Sweet 16 II Brown
2001 Mechianix CD-Rom
212 2002 2002 Hot Wheels Metalflake Red Orange, Black & Yellow Flame, Black and Yellow "Hot Wheels" logo Unpainted / Metal Orange Tint Gray 5SP 55097 Malaysia Sweet 16 II red metallic 2002
2002 Dual Loop Duel Track Set
105 2003 Spectraflame II 1/5 Metalflake Fuscia Gray pinstriping, "Hot Wheels" logo, "Spectraflame II" on side Black / Metal Purple tint 5SP 57242 Malaysia Sweet 16 II 2003 Spectraflame II 105
26/35 2003 Highway 35 World Race - Dune Ratz Tan & Black Highway 35 Dune Ratz 26 black painted metal Orange tinted Black Gold CM5 B0874
IMG 3567 24
174 2006 2006 Hot Wheels 52/96 White Red, White and Blue flames on side Blue / Metal Blue Tint Chrome 5SP J8018 Sweet 16 II - 06Mainline174
N/A 2007 Egg-Clusives Series 12/12 Light Purple Light Purple and Purple tampos with "Hot Wheels Hoppers" and a rabbit on sides Unpainted / Metal Yellow Gold Chrome White 5SP L4711 Thailand4 Wal-Mart Exclusive Sweet 16 egg
075 2008 All Stars 35/36 Metalflake Blue Black, Silver and White tampos w/flames and '16' on sides Unpainted / Metal Clear White White 5SP M6941 Malaysia Sweet 16 II blue
075 2008 All Stars 35/36 Metalflake Copper Black, Silver and Red tampos w/flames and '16' on sides Unpainted / Metal Red Red 5SP M6941 Malaysia Sweet16
075 2008 All Stars 35/36 White Black and Gold flames and Silver "16" on sides Unpainted / Metal Black tint Black 5SP M6941 Malaysia Sweet 16 II 2009 075 white
2009 Fright Cars Series Metalflake Blue-Gray Black, Pink and White Flames and HW pumpkin logo Metalflake Gold / Metal Black tint Unseen White rim OH5 Thailand Wal-Mart Exclusive Sweet16II 2009fright
2009 Scary Cars 5-Pack Metallic Orange Black and Yellow Flames, White HW pumpkin logo Unpainted / Metal Clear Black Orange rim OH5 Thailand Target Exclusive Sweet16II 2009scary
2011 Team Hot Wheels Commemorative 20-Pack Metalflake Purple Black/White Flames '16' Unpainted / Metal Gray Tint White 5SP X3217 Malaysia Base Code(s): 20PackSweet16II


Engine: I8(Inline eight) Valiant Halberd

Horsepower: 862 hp

Top speed: 232 mph (373 KPH)

Acceleration 0-60 mph: 4.3 seconds


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