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In honor of this legendary Super Hero, Hot Wheels has released a six-car SUPERMAN series. Each edition Of the series pays homage to a different representation of Superman from different eras'. Available only at Kroger stores & their affiliates in the United States. Very short run series.


The Following Castings were in the Series Superman 2013:

Series # Casting Name Body Color Notes Photo
1 '64 Buick Riviera

blue enamel,

magenta metalflake roof

Base codes: F06 '64 riviera buick superman kroger 2013
2 '65 Pontiac GTO metalflake blue Base codes:: F06 '65 Pontiac GTO superman super friends kroger 2013
3 2005 Ford Mustang GT flat blue Base codes: F06 2005 ford mustang gt superman kroger 2013
4 8 Crate Blue Metallic Base codes: F07 8 crate superman series kroger 2013
5 Custom '11 Camaro Metallic red Base codes: F06 Custom '11 Camaro Superman Man of Steel Kroger 2013
6 Jaded Dark  blue Base codes: F07 Jaded superman series kroger 2013

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