Super Volt
Debut Series HW City - Street Power
Produced 2015-present
Designer  ?
Number CFH08


Chevrolet Super Volt: a Chevrolet Volt made for drag racing, it is electric and stylish. With a parachute on its back spoiler, this car is ready for racing!


The Super Volt has been released in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
022 / 250 2015 HW City - Street Power Anodized Dark Red Black & White stripes on sides, hood & roof, 'Volt' on sides, Chevrolet logo on hood Black / Plastic Clear Chrome PR5 CFH08 Malaysia Base code(s): H02, H03

2015 New Model

022 / 250 2015 HW City - Street Power Metalflake Silver Black & Red stripes on sides, hood & roof, 'Volt' on sides, Chevrolet logo on hood Black / Plastic Clear Chrome Black PR5 w/ Red Chrome rims CFL20 Malaysia Base code(s): H17

2015 New Model

243 / 250 2016 HW Green Speed Micro Intense Blue Lime Green, White & Black designs, 'Volt', HW Logo on sides Grey / Plastic Clear Blue Chrome Black PR5 w/ Blue Chrome rims DHT30 Malaysia Base code(s): H34 SuperVoltDHT30
243 / 250 2016 HW Green Speed White Chevrolet Logo & 'Volt' on lower sides, Black Silver & Green Circuit Board Graphics on the doors Black / Plastic Clear Green Chrome Black PR5 w/ Green Chrome rims DHX46 Malaysia Base code(s): J12 SuperVoltDHX46
2017 Multipack Exclusive? Pearl Magenta White stripes, Black 'Volt' on sides & top, Black Chevy logo on hood Black / Plastic Tinted Chrome Black PR5 w/ Chrome rims X6999 Malaysia Base code(s): J40 SuperVoltX6999
8 / 12 2018 2018 Mystery Models Metal Flake Red White and Black stripes, 8, Sarah, HWGT, VOLT, Gold HW Logo on sides. Grey / Plastic Tinted (Blue) Chrome Chrome Blue FTE2 FKX34 Malaysia Base code(s): K41 HW SUPER VOLT FKX34
2018 Multi-pack Exclusive

2015 card

From the back of the 2015 card:

Born: 2015
Birthplace: Detroit, Michigan, USA
Designer: General Motors
Specialty: Hot Wheels® meets the Chevrolet Volt in this souped-up version of an electric favorite. Check out that blown motor and aerodynamic rear spoiler. It's fast, efficient and loaded with style.