Super Tuned
Debut Series 2001 First Editions
Produced 2001-Present
Designer Eric Tscherne
Number 017
Super Tuned blue First Edition 2001 closed wing


Super Tuned is a Hot wheels Original Design. It presents itself as-is pretty clearly: A heavily modified, lowered tuner pickup truck.

The Super Tuned has appeared in a multitude of Hot Wheels games.


The Super Tuned has been released in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
017 2001 First Editions blue metallic Red, White, and Black tampos with backwards "PHAT" and racing deco on sides, "PHAT Racing" on hood Gray / Plastic Tinted Red PR5 28738 Malaysia Closed wing Variation Super Tuned blue First Edition 2001 closed wing
017 2001 First Editions Blue metallic Red/White/ Black tampos Gray / Plastic tinted Red PR5 28738 Malaysia Open wing Variation (US only?) 28738-a
201 2001 Mainline #201 Yellow enamel Red, White, and Black tampos Grey / Plastic tinted Red PR5 53730 Malaysia mainline BP Super tuned yellow 2001
- 2001 AutoZone / Duralast Batteries 2-Pack Black Gold 'Duralast Batteries' on sides, Red & Blue HW logo on right side Black / Plastic Tinted (Blue) Gold Gold PR5 56018 Malaysia Un040313-01
086 2002 Yu-Gi-Oh! Green Blue, Black, Gold, and White tampos with "Yu Gi Oh!" on sides, White Hot Wheels logo on hood Grey / Plastic Clear Yellow Tint Black Blue Chrome 5SP 56137 Malaysia 56137
102 2003 Tech Tuners #3 Black Green Honeycomb tampos on sides Grey / Plastic Clear Lime Green PR5 57239 Malaysia Flourescent Green Wing 57239
C6923 2002 Deluxe Auto Chase Black "DC Police" tampos with White doors Black / Plastic Clear Red PR5 47396 Malaysia Hot Wheels Playset Starter Kit C6923-01
2007 Gift Cars Red Black, White & Silver Flaming on side Black plastic Tint Black RR5SP Thailand Supertuned
074 2008 All Stars 34/36 Dark Blue Yellow, White, Light Blue, and Silver tampos on sides and hood Black / Plastic Clear Blue Tint Grey PR5 M6940 Malaysia Also available J6510 "2 Pack" cards (Canada only?) Super tuned blue
074 2008 All Stars 34/36 Pearl White Yellow, Green, Grey, and White tampos on sides and hood Black / Plastic Clear Green Tint Grey PR5 M6940 Malaysia Supertuned stars white
5pk 2010 Heat Fleet Pearl Lime Green Green, White, Black flames on sides Black / Plastic Clear Tint Black PR5 R0966 Thailand SuperTuned HeatFleet



Engine: V8 Tuned Crusher

Horsepower: 845 hp

Top Speed: 245 Mph (394 Km/h)

Acceleration 0-60 mph: 4.5