Super Tsunami
Debut Series 2002 First Editions
Produced 2002 - Present
Designer Phil Riehlman


The Super Tsunami's (Japanese:超津波) rear end is based on the 4th Generation Toyota Supra, with an Eagle Talon inspired front end. Also called "Power Pro" to avoid Copyright. If you look carefully through the back window of this casting, you will see twin speakers moulded into the rear shelf below the window, a feature also seen on the Seared Tuner.


Super Tsunami has been released in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
041 2002 First Editions Metalic Gold "HW Tsunami" on side Dark Grey / Plastic Blue Grey Chrome PR5 52925 Malaysia
N/A 2003 Fla Vor Ice Promo 16904 789297251140130 5388114136846669887 n
2003 100% Preferred Super Street White & Orange Blue & Purple tearing Orange / Plastic Tint White RR5SP Malaysia Tsunamipref
2003 100% Preferred Super Street Metalic Purple, Orange Blue & Purple tearing Orange / Plastic Tint White RR5SP Malaysia Supertsunami
011 / 220 2003 Treasure Hunt Pearl Olive Green White, Black, & Yellow tampos w/ '2003 HW GRFX' on sides, TH logo on roof Black / Plastic Tinted (Black) Light Grey Chrome & Grey CM5 57010 Malaysia Treasure Hunt Tsunami
100 2003 Tech Tuners Dark Red White & Silver Hive. "8" on side Chrome / Plastic Clear White Chrome PR5 Malaysia
051 2006 Drift Kings Dark Red White, Gray, Red & Black Graphics Black / Plastic Clear Black Gold PR5 Super Tsunami - 06 Drift Kings
5pk 2007 Heat Fleet Metalflake Purple Yellow and Black flames on sides Black / Plastic Tinted Black Chrome PR5 K6174 China Supertsunami.purple
2007 Pepsi Nex Metallic Green Black / Plastic PR5 Only available in Japan SuperTsunami Pepsi
186 2008 2008 Mystery Cars Metalflake Burnt Orange Orange and Black flames on sides and hood Black / Plastic Tinted Black Orange PR5 M6956 Malaysia Tsanmimystery
5pk 2010 Hot Tunerz Lime Green Orange, White and Yellow tampos on sides with Sponsor logos Grey / Plastic Yellow tint Black Chrome PR5 R0972 Thailand Base code C20 SuperTsunami tunerz5pack
120 2011 Nightburnerz 10/10 Dk Blue Black, White and Red tampos on sides with Sponsor Logos Grey / Plastic Clear Grey Chrome PR5 T9827 Malaysia Base Code(s): D11 SuperTsunami Night Blue
5pk 2012 Auto Motion Speedway Orange Black, Green, Silver & White Graphics Black / Plastic Clear Green Chrome-Rim, Black OH5 X9847 Thailand Super Tsunami - AutoMotion5 copy
5pk 2012 Team Hot Wheels W2638 Image Not Available
5pk 2013 HW Test Facility Metalflake Light Green / Metal Team Hot Wheels paint scheme Light Gray / Plastic Clear Black White-Rim, Black OH5 Y5184 Thailand Base Code(s): F32 Super Tsunami - 13 HWTF 5 5PK 600pxOTD
5pk 2014 Police Pursuit Metalflake Purple Dark Goldenrod, Yellow & Silver flames on sides Grey / Plastic Clear Yellow Black / Yellow-rimmed OH5 BFB24 Thailand Named Power Pro on package
Base code(s): G19
IMG 0811


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