Super Tsunami
Debut Series 2002 First Editions
Produced 2002 - Present
Designer Phil Riehlman
Number 52925


The Super Tsunami's (Japanese:超津波) is based on the Toyota Supra, with an Eagle Talon styled bodykit. Also called "Power Pro"(Japanese:力プロ) to avoid Copyright. If you look carefully through the back window of this casting, you will see twin speakers moulded into the rear shelf below the window, a feature also seen on the Seared Tuner.


Super Tsunami has been released in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
Unknown 2001 Unknown Black Yellow and Red flames on sides Black Red Black Red PR5 Unknown Malaysia Super Tsunami Model Cars e07fe1e4-7d90-4097-b66c-ad9e2bc7a17e medium
041 2002 First Editions Metalic Gold "HW Tsunami" on side Dark Grey / Plastic Blue Grey Chrome PR5 52925 Malaysia
N/A 2003 Fla Vor Ice Promo White Rainbow colored Fla-Vor-Ice deco on sides & hood Grey / Plastic Clear Blue PR5 85696 Malaysia 16904 789297251140130 5388114136846669887 n
2003 100% Preferred Super Street White & Orange Blue & Purple tearing Orange / Plastic Tint White RR5SP B2263 Malaysia Tsunamipref
2003 100% Preferred Super Street Metalic Purple, Orange Blue & Purple tearing Orange / Plastic Tint White RR5SP B2263 Malaysia Supertsunami
011 / 220 2003 Treasure Hunt Pearl Olive Green White, Black, & Yellow tampos w/ '2003 HW GRFX' on sides, TH logo on roof Black / Plastic Tinted (Black) Light Grey Chrome & Grey CM5 57010 Malaysia Treasure Hunt Tsunami
100 2003 Tech Tuners Dark Red White & Silver Hive. "8" on side Chrome / Plastic Clear White Chrome PR5 57237 Malaysia
051 2006 Drift Kings Dark Red White, Gray, Red & Black Graphics 'SNeddy' (in style of 'GReddy') Black / Plastic Clear Black Gold PR5 J3377 Malaysia Super Tsunami - 06 Drift Kings
5pk 2007 Heat Fleet Metalflake Purple Yellow and Black flames on sides Black / Plastic Tinted Black Chrome PR5 K6174 China Supertsunami.purple
- 2007 Pepsi NEX Metallic Green Black & Silver stripes on sides, Pepsi Nex logo on sides & windshield
Black / Plastic Clear Grey PR5 #PEPSI China Only available in Japan SuperTsunami Pepsi
186 2008 2008 Mystery Cars Metalflake Burnt Orange Orange and Black flames on sides and hood Black / Plastic Tinted Black Orange PR5 M6956 Malaysia Tsanmimystery
5pk 2010 Hot Tunerz Lime Green Orange, White and Yellow tampos on sides with Sponsor logos Grey / Plastic Yellow tint Black Chrome PR5 R0972 Thailand Base code C20 SuperTsunami tunerz5pack
120 2011 Nightburnerz 10/10 Dk Blue Black, White and Red tampos on sides with Sponsor Logos Grey / Plastic Clear Grey Chrome PR5 T9827 Malaysia Base Code(s): D11 SuperTsunami Night Blue
5pk 2012 Auto Motion Speedway Orange Black, Green, Silver & White Graphics Black / Plastic Clear Green Chrome-Rim, Black OH5 X9847 Thailand Super Tsunami - AutoMotion5 copy
5pk 2012 Team Hot Wheels W2638 Image Not Available
5pk 2013 HW Test Facility Metalflake Light Green / Metal Team Hot Wheels paint scheme Light Gray / Plastic Clear Black White-Rim, Black OH5 Y5184 Thailand Base Code(s): F32 Super Tsunami - 13 HWTF 5 5PK 600pxOTD
5pk 2014 Police Pursuit Metalflake Purple Dark Goldenrod, Yellow & Silver flames on sides Grey / Plastic Clear Yellow Black / Yellow-rimmed OH5 BFB24 Thailand Named Power Pro on package
Base code(s): G19
IMG 3093 24
1/7 2017 Justice League Series Deep Blue Superman Logo, Justice League and Hot Wheels logo on sides. Superman on top. Superman Logo on hood Maroon / Plastic Tinted Red Orange Red Gold-rimmed PR5 DWD07 Thailand Named Power Pro on package
Base code(s): K26