The Super 6 in 1 Track Set was released in 2006 and featured 10 cars with exclusive colors. The set retailed around $40 USD.

Exclusive Vehicles

The following cars were featured in this set:

Casting Color Tampos Toy # Photo
Mini Cooper Orange Black, Red, Green & White tampos w/ tiger & '102' on sides H7036 Mini - 6 in 1
40 Somethin' Metalflake Dark Red Yellow, Blue & Green flames w/ '40' on sides & hood H7036 40 Somethin - 6in1Set
Dodge Charger R/T Metalflake Grey Red & Black tampos w/ 'EX-44' on sides & hood H7036 Dodge Charger Concept - 6in1Set
Blown Camaro Blue Red, White, Green & Black tampos w/ 'Mexico' & '5' on sides & hood H7036 Blown Camaro - 6in1Set
Custom '69 Chevy Metalflake Yellow Red, White, Purple & Black tampos w/ '69 Chevy' on sides H7036 69 Chevy - 6in1Set
Vulture Roadster Metalflake Orange White tampos w/ 'Hot Wheels' & 'Zero G' on sides H7036 Vulture Roadster - 6in1Set
3-Window '34 Green H7036 3 Window 34 - 6in1Set
Power Pistons Black Brown, Yellow & White tampos w/ Hot Wheels logo on top H7036 Power Pistons - 6in1Set
Custom Cougar Metalflake Purple White, Grey & Black tampos w/ 'Hot Wheels' on sides H7036 Custom Cougar - 6in1Set
Greased Lightnin' Metalflake Light Blue Red, Yellow, White & Black tampos w/ Hot Wheels logo on top H7036 Greased Lightnin - 6in1Set

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