Debut Series 1982 Hot Wheels
Produced 1982 - 1987 (Original Casting)

2011 - Present Day (Retool)
Designer Larry Wood
Number 3251
Sunagon Org


The Sunagon is a Volkswagen Transporter 3 from 1979-1992. In America it was called Vanagon and the pun Sunagon came from the high-raising roof "to the sun". The casting is a very special adaption from the "Sondermodell" Joker in the early-80´s.

The original casting was not used in the USA anymore after the 1983 "Extras" release, but it continued to be issued in Mexico during 1985, 1986, and 1987.  The casting was remade (retooled) and debuted in 2011 where it continues to be released to the present year, 2013.


The Sunagon has come out in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
1982 1982 Hot Wheels Orange and Tan No tampos Unpainted / Metal Clear Brown BW 3251 Hong Kong Non-Removable Brown Motorcycle on back Sunagon Org
1982 1982 Hot Wheels Orange and Tan No tampos Unpainted / Metal Yellow tint Brown BW 3251 Malaysia Non-Removable Brown Motorcycle on back Sunagon-1982 Malaysia
1983 Extras Series Metalflake Blue and Light Blue No tampos Unpainted / Metal Clear Tan BW 3251 Malaysia Non-Removable Tan Motorcycle on back Sunagon Blue
2011 2011 The Hot Ones Metalflake light Green BW Thailand IMG 2125c 1000
2012 The Hot Ones Metalflake Purple Lt. purple stripes Unpainted / Metal Blue tint Gray GHO W3806 Thailand Non-Removable Gray Motorcycle on back Sunagon-2012 The Hot Ones
2013 Retro Entertainment Brown (Magnum P.I.) Unpainted / Metal Black tint Orange RRS X8927 Malaysia Non-Removable Orange Motorcycle on back Sunagon-16314
3/5 2018 Car Culture: Cargo Carriers Beige Detailed headlights. Silver door handles. Woodgrain trim on sides. Burgundy pop-up roof. Burgundy motorcycle on rear Unpainted / Metal Clear Burgundy C4SPRR Thailand 27157125 2027679987508515 1203379614 n


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