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Subaru B.R.A.T.
Debut Series The Hot Ones
Produced 2012 - Present
Designer Brendon Vetuskey
Number W3781
2012 Hot Ones - Subaru BRAT


The Subaru BRAT (or, using the Hot Wheels spelling Subaru B.R.A.T.), (outside the United States known as the 284 in the United Kingdom, Brumby in Australia, and Shifter, MV, Targa or MPV in other markets), is a light duty, four-wheel drive coupé utility, sold from 1978 to 1994. It was an export-only model, never being officially sold in Japan. Developed in Japan in 1977 at the request of the President of Subaru of America, the BRAT was introduced to match the demand for small trucks in the USA, from Toyota, Nissan, and Mazda. Unlike these trucks, all BRATs had four-wheel drive. It has other features such as an optional T-top split roof, a spring-loaded hidden door for a side step into the cargo bed, and a spare tire mounted under the hood. The spare tire necessitates an oval shaped air intake breather. Due to truncating demand of pickup trucks since late 1970s as Japanese customers shifted to station wagons at that time, Subaru never considered marketing BRAT in their home market.

The United States versions also had carpeting and welded-in rear-facing jumpseats in the cargo area. These were claimed to be a tariff-avoidance ploy, with the plastic seats in the cargo bed allowing Subaru to classify the BRAT as a passenger car - charged only a 2.5 %, compared to 25 % tariff on light trucks due to Chicken tax. They were discontinued after the 1985 model year.


The Subaru B.R.A.T. has come out in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
- 2012 The Hot Ones Orange Black & White stripes on sides & hood Unpainted / Metal Tinted (Black) Black HO W3781 Thailand 2012 Hot Ones - Subaru BRAT
- 2013 Hot Wheels Boulevard Dark Olive Green Black & Light Olive stripes on sides, hood & roof, '8' on sides & hood Unpainted / Metal Tinted (Black) Black Chrome & Black DDRR X8291 Malaysia Base code(s): F05

Named Subaru BRAT

29 / 30 2014 Hot Wheels Cool Classics Spectrafrost Red Red stripes on sides & across top, race deco on sides, '9' on sides & hood Unpainted / Metal Clear Grey RSW BDR50 Thailand Base code(s): H05

Named Subaru BRAT

HW-2014-Cool Classics--29-Subaru Brat..
123 / 250 2015 HW Off-Road - Hot Trucks Metalflake Dark Blue Yellow, Orange & White stripes on sides & hood, '22' & race deco on sides & hood Chrome / Plastic Tinted (Black) Black Gold 5SP CFK70 Malaysia Base code(s): H24, H29

First time in the mainline

Named Subaru BRAT

HW-2015-123-Subaru Brat-HotTrucks
123 / 250 2015 HW Off-Road - Hot Trucks Pearl Sandy Brown Grey, Red & Black stripes on sides & hood, '22' & race deco on sides & hood Chrome / Plastic Tinted (Black) Black Chrome Red 5SP DHY01 Malaysia Base code(s): H32

Kmart Exclusive
Named Subaru BRAT

HW-2015-123-Subaru Brat-HotTrucks-Yellow
3 / 5 2016 Hot Wheels Car Culture - Trucks Unpainted Black stripe, 'Subaru' & 'BRAT' on sides Matte Black / Metal Tinted (Black) Black Chrome & Grey RR8SP DJF89 Malaysia Base code(s): J24

Named Subaru BRAT

Subaru BRAT package front


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