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Street Stealth
Debut Series HW Off-Road - HW Moto
Produced 2015-present
Designer Kevin Cao
Number CFH09
HW-2015-083-Street Stealth-Moto

The Street Stealth is a fictional motorbike introduced in the 2015 HW Moto segment.


The Street Stealth has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
083 / 250 2015 HW Off-Road - HW Moto Red Black, Yellow, Red & White tampos, race deco & '29' on sides Metalflake Powder Blue / Metal None None Black MC3 CFH09 Malaysia

Base code(s): G49

2015 New Model

HW-2015-083-Street Stealth-Moto
083 / 250 2015 HW Off-Road - HW Moto Yellow Blue, Yellow, Red & White decals, race deco & '29' on sides Grabber Blue / Metal None None Black MC3 CFL23 Malaysia Base code(s): H10

2015 New Model

IMG 4514
219 / 250 2016 HW Rescue Black Black & Blue stripes, Gold, Silver & Blue Police 68 shield, 'Highway Patrol' on sides White / Metal None None Chrome Red & Black MC3 DHT09 Malaysia Base code(s):  Hotwheels Street Stealth
042 / 365 2017 HW Moto Green 'Alexis', '25' & HW logo on sides Metalflake Grey / Metal None None Black MC3 DTY25 Malaysia Base code(s): Street Stealth 2017
136 / 365 2017 HW Moto Orange 'Alexis', '25' & HW logo on sides Dark Grey / Metal None None Black MC3 DVC03 Malaysia Base code(s): Image Not Available

2015 card

From the back of the 2015 card:

Born: 2014
Birthplace: El Segundo, CA USA
Designer: Hot Wheels®
Specialty: With high performance motor, aerodynamic front fairings, and a lightweight frame, this speed cycle is fast, sleek, and agile. It's race-tuned and street ready and is always eager to accelerate.


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