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Steve Moran Is Hot wheels designers from 2004-2007, and now he moving to JADA Toys, his legacy design still use in mattel Like Sky Knife, Poison Arrow, and Mad Propz who still present in this years into next years, he design 2 cars is Blings Escalade and Speed Bump both has retire from casting.

1/64 Scale

Year Casting Name Debut Series First Edition # Toy Number Photo
2004 Blings Escalade 2004 First Editions 14/100 FE Blings Escalade
2004 Mad Propz 2004 First Editions 76/100 FE Mad Propz
2005 Poison Arrow 2005 First Editions : X-Raycers 59/60 Poison Arrow Steve Moran
2005 Speed Bump 2005 First Editions : Drop Tops 29/60 Speed Bump SteveM
2007 Sky Knife 2007 First Editions 13/36 Sky Knife Steve Moran

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