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These iconic Star Wars ships are faithfully recreated by Hot Wheels. They include the finest details and even include a so-called 'Flight Navigator', this is basically a stand for the ship in which you can insert a finger and swoosh the spaceship around.


Col # Year Casting Name Color Tampo Wheel Type Photo
2015 Millennium Falcon Light Grey Black vents & canopy, Red details on top None Millenium Falcon
2015 Rebel Snowspeeder Light Grey Black canopy, Red details None Snowspeeder
2015 Y-Wing Fighter Gold Leader Light Grey Black canopy, Yellow stripes on top None Y-Wing Starfighter
2015 Ghost Light Grey Black canopy, Yellow lines, Orange details None The Ghost
2015 Boba Fett's Slave I Light Grey & Dark Grey Black canopy, Light Grey damage, Dark Red stripes None Bobba Fett's Slave I
2015 TIE Fighter None TIE Fighter
2015 X-Wing Fighter None X-Wing I
2015 X-Wing Fighter None X-Wing II
2015 Vulture Droid None General Grievous' Ship


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