Split Vision
Debut Series 2007 New Models
Produced 2007 -
Designer Josh Henson
Number K6168
Split Vision Josh Henson

The Split Vision, which first appeared in 2007, is a uniquely styled car with safety rails over its two seats, but with no windows. The back lights appear to be styled after Lamborghinis.


Split Vision has been released in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
036 2007 2007 New Models 36/36 Pearl Yellow Red and Gold Stripes on top Chrome Chrome OH5 K6168 Malaysia Split vision 2007
185 2009 Mystery Cars 19/24 Satin Olive w/ Flat Black Lime Green, Green, and Silver tampos on sides Unpainted / Metal Silver Red Rim, Black OH5 P2505 Malaysia Split Vision Mystery
066 (USA) / 074 (Int.) 2010 Track Stars 10/12 Pearl White w/ Black Gold & White Hotwheels Logos, "Split Vision" on sides Unpainted / Metal Gold Chorme Gold PR5 R7467 Malaysia SplitVision 10Stars
076 2012 Track Stars '12 Pearl White w/ Red Black & White tampos, "12" Unpainted / Metal Black Red OH5 V5364 Malaysia Base code(s): E16 IMG 1577
- 2013 Track Aces Green w/ Lime Green Black, Green & White stripes, '2', HW Logo on sides Unpainted / Metal Black PR5 X9851 Thailand Base code(s): F27 SplitVisionX9851
- 2014 Super Loop Chase Race Black w/ Light Blue Red & White stripes, '3', HW Logo on sides Chrome / Plastic Chrome Red Chrome OH5 BFB33 Thailand Base code(s): G39 SplitVisionBFB33
- 2016 Track Stars 5-Pack Red w/ Chrome Black, Red & White designs, '47' & HW Logo on sides Black / Plastic Black Yellowline OH5 DJD15 Malaysia Base code(s): H32 SplitVisionDJD15
09/12 2017 Mystery Models Metalflake Teal w/ Plum Purple Yellow, White and Black tampo, "12" and HW logo on sides Dark Grey / Plastic Grey Yellow Trap5 DYL60 Malaysia Base Code(s) K30


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