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Spine Buster
Debut Series AcceleRacers Metal Maniacs #7
Produced 2005-present


Spine Buster was introduced in the Acceleracers series. In the series, it is the beloved car of Mark Wylde, built after his Corvette Stingray was impounded. The car has a 1680hp ram exhaust V10 engine with nitromethane-burning ram air and magnesium steel alloy wheels. The ram exhaust extinguishes the fire that was generated because the engine is so powerful that the combustion cycle overlaps the exhaust cycle. This V10 has custom-built exhaust pipes, with half running to the left slightly above the body, while the other half of the pipes run right and below the body. The intake goes into the furnace on
Spine Buster

Mark Wylde in Spine Buster

the right of the vehicle, then slingshots the exhaust to the chamber on top the engine and to the spines on the tail, then out the back. This produces a deep hissing sound when the car moves and is what gave Spine Buster its name. Spine Buster has many features to save weight; It does not have front fenders and there are deep pockets on the sides that draw air to the rear brake inlets. The car has swooping rear fenders and a steel, solid angled spoiler that weighs down the back. If the front wheels go past the body, then this car cannot steer and this weight distribution makes for terrible handling. Although this car was normally driven by Wylde, in the Metro Realm Acceleracers movie, this car was driven by Monkey McClurg, but was destroyed by a W1 drone and a sweeper.


In the series, Spine Buster was replaced by the very similarly-designed Flathead Fury. The Hot Wheels version of Spine Buster has no shifter. Also, this is one of the only Hotwheels with open radiator outlets. This car resembles the Ford GT.


Spine Buster has been released in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
7 2005 Acceleracers - Metal Maniacs #7 Satin Black Red & Silver tampos, Metal Maniacs logo Unpainted / Metal Tinted Chrome CM6 G8106 Malaysia CM5 variant shown in Gallery SpineBusterBlackAccel
7 2005 Acceleracers - Metal Maniacs #7 Purple Satin Red & Silver tampos, Black Metal Maniacs logo on front hood Unpainted / Metal Tinted Chrome CM6 G8106 Malaysia SpineBusterPurple
2006 Acceleron Series Rust Orange Black, Purple & Silver tampos on top & sides Unpainted / Metal Purple Chrome CM6 J7248 Malaysia Spine Buster 2006 AcceleRacers
N/A 2007 Holiday Hot Rods Satin Green N/A Unpainted / Metal Clear Yellow Grey 5SP M3089 Thailand SpineBusterHolGreen
N/A 2007 Holiday Hot Rods 3-Pack Satin Silver N/A Unpainted / Metal Clear Red Gold Chrome Red OH5 M3089 Thailand SpineBusterHolSilver
N/A 2009 Power Lift Garage Playset Red Yellow & Orange flames, Black & Silver stripes across top Unpainted / Metal Tinted Chrome PR5 N4734 Malaysia Base Code(s): Spinebuster
N/A 2011 Track Stunts 5-Pack Red Yellow, Green & Black tampos, explosions, "Prototype" Unpainted / Metal Tinted Chrome Yellow Rimmed OH5 T8627 Thailand Base Code(s): C43, C46 Spine Buster 2011 Track Stunts 5-Pack
N/A 2012 Various Multipacks Green Yellow, Red & Black tampos, explosions, "Prototype" Unpainted / Metal Tinted Chrome OH5 w/ Yellow rims Thailand Base Code(s): D19 SpineBusterGreenPrototype
N/A 2013 Attack Pack Grey Orange, Grey, Yellow & Black tampos, stripes & HW logo on sides Burgundy Metalflake / Metal Clear Orange Black OH5 w/ Orange Chrome rims T8627 Thailand Base Code(s): C43, C46 SpinebusterGrey
N/A 2014 Track Builder 5-Pack Green Black, Lime Green & Yellow stripes & flames, 'Hot Wheels Stunt Team' & '05' on sides Unpainted / Metal Tinted Chrome Black OH5 w/ White Rim (Back) & Gold Chrome 10SP (Front) BFB27 Thailand Base Code(s): G11 SpineBusterGreenStunt
N/A 2015 Spiral Stack-Up 5-Pack Yellow Black flame cut-outs, Black & Red stripes, 'Stunt Team' on sides Unpainted / Metal Tinted Chrome Yellow Rimmed OH5 T8627 Thailand Base Code(s): G48 SpineBusterYellow


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