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This is a list of Hot Wheels that came out in the 2008 Speed Racer series.

Casting Name Body Color / Tampos Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
Delila Street Car Pink, Yellow, "87" Red Clear Gray 3SP FlyingFoxesFreight
Gray Ghost Race Car Black Black / Plastic N/A Black PR5 China Grayghostracecar
GRX Indigo Indigo N/A Black 3SP Grx
Mach 4 Red Red Clear Black Black 3SP China Mach4
Mach 5 White w/ Red 'M' on the hood & Red & Yellow '5' on sides Matte Black / Metal Clear Red 5DOT China Comes with jump-jacks Mach5
Mach 6 White w/ Red M-like stripes, '6' in circle on sides Matte Black / Metal Clear Black PR5 China Comes with jump-jacks Mach6
Musha Motors Race Car Metallic Brown, 'Musha Motors' on rear, Chinese styke tampos on sides, top & front Matte Black / Metal N/A Black OH5SP China Comes with a claw-hook Mushamotors
Prince Kabala Race Car Dark Grey w/ Orange, Blue & Yellow tampos all over the car Matte Black / Metal Tinted (Black) Silver SB China Comes with a chainsaw Princekabalaracecar
Racer X Race Car Yellow w/ Black & Silver stripes, '9' in circle front Matte Black / Metal Clear Silver Y5 China Comes with a claw Racerxracecar
Racer X Street Car Yellow, Black Yellow Clear Black 10SP Racerx
Snake Oiler Race Car Orange-Brown & Black w/ snake skin patern Matte Black / Metal Clear Metallic Gray Bling China Comes with a spear hook Snakeoiler
Snake Oiler Street Car Wave2-snakeoilerstreet
Taejo Togokhan Street Car Wave2-taejotogokhan
Thor-Axine Car Comes with jump-jacks SpeedRacer-Thor-Axine

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