The Speed Circus 5-Pack (B3643) was released in 2004.



The following castings were in the Speed Circus 5-Pack (B3643):

Casting Name Tampo Body Color Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
Midnight Otto Yellow "Rocko and Venus" on side Unpainted / Metal Dark Smoke N/A 5SP China Midnightotto.yellow
'57 Roadster Pink Sword Swallower Tampos ZAMAC Yellow Black Chrome 5SP B3643 China 57roadster
Power Panel Green Chuckles the Musical Monkey Black Blue Tint Blue OR5SP B3643 China Dodgepowerpanel
3-Window '34 Metallic Red Silver Rabit on side Unpainted / Metal Clear Black / Chrome 5SP China
Hiway Hauler Orange White Box, Red, Black and Orange Chrome / Plastic Black None 5DOT China Haulerorange

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