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Some people, due to their collections, or their knowledge or for founding clubs, dealers trust. End up in a way known to all the collecting.

Nick: Carlos HW Paulista
Name: Carlos Araujo Andrea
Birth: 04/may/1993
Occupation: Studente and informal workers
Lives in: Praia Grande/Americana, São Paulo, Brazil.
Collection Theme: Garages, Deliverys, vintages, Schools Bus, THs, VW Brasília and SP2
Club Member: Clube Hot Wheels Brasil, CVMLP

Nick: DT
Name: Marcelo S. Hirschmann
Birth: 03/november/1975
Occupation: Designer
Lives in: Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Collection Theme: VWs, First Editions, Muscle, Ferrari, Race cars, TH$
Club Member: Clube Hot Wheels Brasil (owner), HWC

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