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Snap-On Tools Description

Snap-On Tools is a tool manufacture and distributor, they service Professional shops, to sell there tool line. They are geared toward the Professional and distribute there tools off a truck that makes stops at service center's once or twice a week.

They invented the removable socket, hence the name Snap-On. Before this invention the socket was a one piece speed wrench, so you had to have one for every size (5/16", 7/16", 1/2" etc.) So now you had a speed wrench with removable sockets that Snapped on and off. This saved considerable space and weight in the tool box.

"Johnson and Seideman created a set of 10 sockets that would “snap on” to five different handles. The idea that “Five Do the Work of Fifty” revolutionised the industry and in 1920, the Snap-on Wrench Company was born."

This was a promo through them, distributed off there trucks.

2003 Snap-On Tools

Casting Series # Color Tampo Country Photo
Snap-On Tools Truck 1/6 Image Not Available
3-Window '34 2/6 Image Not Available
'63 Split Window Corvette 3/6 Image Not Available
Mustang Cobra 4/6 Image Not Available
Super Tsunami 5/6 Image Not Available
'70 Plymouth Roadrunner 6/6 Roadrunner AGENTAIR 1

2004 Snap-On Tools

Casting Series # Color Tampo Country Photo
'70 Plymouth Barracuda 1/6 Image Not Available
'57 Chevy 2/6 Red White Stripes with "Snap-On" Logos 57chevy SnapOn

'69 Dodge Charger

3/6 2004-8 69 Charger - BBB01
'65 Mustang Convertible 4/6 Snap-On
Nissan Skyline 5/6 Skyline snap-on
Toyota Celica 6/6 Celica - Snapon

2006 Snap-On Tools

Casting Series # Color Tampo Country Photo
Mustang Mach 1 1/4 Image Not Available
'71 Plymouth GTX 2/4 Red Stripes, Snap-On logo on sides 100 4323
Firebird Funny Car (Cruz Pedrigon Funny Car) 3/4 Image Not Available
W-Oozie 4/4 Image Not Available


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