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Released in 2004, the Smashville 5-Pack featured 5 castings with Crash Dummies artwork on the sides. Below are the 5 castings in this 5-Pack.

Image Not Available


Casting Name Body Color Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
'67 Dodge Charger Red Unpainted / Metal Clear Black Black PR5 China
'67 Dodge Charger - 2004 Smashville 5-Pack
Classic Nomad Matte Blue Unpainted / Metal Tinted (Orange) White 5SP China 100 5315
Police Cruiser Black Black / Plastic Red tint White 5SP China Police Cruiser BlkRd
'70 Chevelle SS Lime Green Black / Plastic Blue tint Green Red 5SP China 70 Chevelle SS Lime
'41 Willys Gold

Unpainted / Plastic

Clear Unpainted / Plastic 5SP China Image Not Available

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