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Silhouette II
Debut Series 1993 Hot Wheels
Produced 1993 - Present
Designer Bruce Baur
Silouette II PrpUH

The Silhouette II is a revival of the original Silhouette casting. This casting received a retooling in 2016; the interior is no longer a separate piece.


The Silhouette II has been released in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color / Engine Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
212 1993 1993 Hot Wheels Metalflake Purple / Chrome No tampo Chrome Plastic Clear White UH 5267 Malaysia Playable in Hot Wheels: Turbo Racing Silouette II PrpUH
212 1993 1993 Hot Wheels Metalflake Purple / Chrome No tampo Grey Plastic Clear White 5DOT 5267 Malaysia Silouette II Prpl5HO
299 1995 Dark Rider Series Metalflake Black / Tinted Chrome tiny Red Hot Wheels Logo on Rear Chrome Plastic Clear Black PC6 13286 Malaysia Silouette II DkRdrPC
299 1995 Dark Rider Series Metalflake Black / Tinted Chrome tiny Red Hot Wheels Logo on Rear Black Plastic Clear Black 7SP 15259 Malaysia Silouette II DkRdr7SP
413 1996 Street Eaters Series Metalflake Purple / Chrome Engine Green, Red & White Monster face & teeth Red Plastic Clear Orange Orange 5SP 15259 Malaysia Silouette II PrplStrtEat
1996 Target Designer Collection Metalflake Blue / Gold Chrome no tampo Grey / Plastic Blue tint White SB Gold 5267 Malaysia Target Stores Exclusive Silouette II DesCol
565 1997 Dealers Choice Series Blue / Gold Chrome White, Red & Gold clubs Black Plastic Clear Gold 5DOT 5267 Malaysia Silouette II DlrsChc
579 1997 1997 Treasure Hunt Pearl White / Blue Chrome Red Hot Wheels logo on rear White / Plastic Blue tint White White 3SP 16685 Malaysia 1997THSilhouetteII
764 1998 Tech Tones Series Black / Pink Chrome Metallic Purple spots & Black HW logo on rear glass Purple / Plastic Clear White 5DOT 18812 Malaysia Many paint variations Silouette II techTones
982 1999 Classic Games Series Light Blue/Grey / Chrome Pink, White "TOSS ACROSS" Black Plastic Blue Tint White 5DOT 21330 Malaysia Silouette II ClscGms
2000 Super Launcher 5-Pack Red / Chrome Blue, Yellow. 'Super Launcher' on side Black plastic Yellow White Chrome LW 25374 Thailand Silhouette2
152 2002 2002 Hot Wheels Antifreeze Green / Chrome Orange, Black, Yellow & White tampos Chrome / Plastic Tinted White 3SP 55037 Thailand Silhouette II lime green 2002
2002 Soakin Speedway Set Metallic Purple / Chrome Blue, Lavender & Grey designs on sides Chrome / Plastic Clear Blue White 3SP 52583 Silhouette II super soakin playset 2002
109 2003 Spectraflame 2 5/5 Metalflake Red / Gold Chrome Black stripes w/ Grey & Gold star Black / Plastic Tinted White Gold Y5 57246 Malaysia Spectra Silhouette
N/A 2008 2-Lane V-Drop Black Orange, Red & Blue flames on sides Black Clear White Y5 M3958 China SilhouetteII 20Pk
6/8 2009 2009 Valentine's Day Cars Pearl White / Gold Chrome Red, Dark Red & Silver tampos on sides & hood, Hot Wheels logo on trunk Red Clear Red Milky Yellow OH5 Gold N8579 Malaysia Wal-Mart Exclusive Val Silhouette
2011 Team Hot Wheels Commemorative 20-Pack & 10-Pack Metallic Orange Black/ White/ Silver/ Blue Tampo Black / Plastic Clear Light Blue White OH5 X3217
Malaysia 20PackSilhouette
6/8 2016 Star Wars Worlds Brown Light blue, gray, white and black tampos, "bespin" and "CLOUD CITY" on side Metallic Gray / Plastic Smoke-tinted Chrome Royal blue-rimmed OH5 Malaysia Base code(s): J29
Named Silhouette for this release
Updated tooling
HW Star-Wars Bespin Silhouette Orange 2016 RF DSCF9379


Similar Castings and Names


Silhouette (Fatbax)

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