Debut Series 2001 First Editions
Produced 2001-Present
Designer Phil Riehlman
Number 10
Shredster yellow First Editions 2001 PR5 wheels


The Shredster has come out in the following versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes Photo
022 / 252 2001 2001 First Editions 10/36 Pearl Yellow & Orange Silver Hot Wheels logo & "Shredster" Grey / Plastic Black tint Black 5SP 28749 Malaysia Shredster Yelorg
212 / 252 2001 2001 Hot Wheels Yellow & Purple Silver HW logo & 'Shredster' on right side Chrome / Plastic Tinted (Black) Black PR5 53741 China Also in the AutoZone / Duralast Batteries 2-Pack Shredster neon yellow purple 2001
234 2002 Mainline

Metallic yellow

flat black fenders

White/Gold/Black tampos, "EX", "Extreme City" grey tinted grey PR5 56139 Malaysia Shredster EXC yellow black 2002
2002 Extreme City 5-Pack Yellow & Black White, Gold & Black tampos, "EXC", "Extreme City" Black Tint Grey PR5 Shred5PK02
2004 Mutant Biotronic Kingdom Set Purple & PInk Teal, Black, Orange & White tampos, "Vampire Bat" Orange tint PR5 IMG 1883 24
2004 B-Day Gift 5-Pack (2004) Yellow & Black Yellow, White & Black tampos, "3" Yellow Red Red PR5 B3583 Thailand Shredbday2004pack-incase
2005 AcceleRacers Hyperpod Black & Orange Orange tint PR5 H7612 ShredHyperpod-inCase(8)
123 2006 Mainline Metalflake Green & Black Black & Green electrical diagram on side Gray / Plastic Clear Chrome PR5 J3445 Malaysia 2006-Shredster
2008 Egg-Clusives 4/8 Yellow & Blue Pink, Blue & Yellow tampos Black / Plastic Pink Black PR5 N1139 Thailand Wal-Mart Exclusive S2008
2008 Easter Speedsters 5-Pack 4/5 Metalflake Green & White White tampo on sides, Light Green tampo on nose Black / Plastic Green Black PR5 J7099 Thailand Target Exclusive Shredster easter target
2008 Egg Hunt Easter Speedsters 6-Pack 2/6 Metalflake Red Orange tampos on sides, Red and Orange tampos on top Black Plastic Red Chrome PR5 L5065 Thailand Target Shredster08
2012 Hot Wheels 10 Pack Burgandy & Black Chrome Side Panel, Burgandy Electrical Diagram on Side Chrome Plastic Clear Chrome Chrome Red PR5 W6254 Malaysia Toys R Us Exclusive Shedster
7 / 8 2014 Spider-Man Series (Superior Spider-Man) Red & Black w/ Metalflake Burgundy fenders Spider-Man deco on hood Black / Plastic Clear Black White PR5 BLM94 Malaysia Base code(s): SPider Man Shredster HW


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