Released in 2003, the Serpent Cyclone 5-Pack featured 5 vehicles with various kinds of serpent-themed tampos.


The following vehicles were in the Serpent Cyclone 5-Pack:

Casting Name Body Color Tampo Color Base Color / Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes / Variations Photo
Overbored 454 Metalflake Light Blue Black, White, Yellow, Green and Orange "Overbored 454" and "12" tampos Gray / Plastic Green tint Chrome Green Chrome PR5 Thailand Mostly exposed Chrome engine Overbored 454 Serpent Cyclone - 9734df
Panoz GTR-1 Metalflake Silver Black, White and Orange "SC" tampos Black / Plastic Red tint Tan Red Chrome 3SP Thailand Orange plastic spoiler on back Panoz GTR-1 Serpent Cyclone - 9735df
Ford Thunderbolt Pearl White Black, Red and Silver "SC" and "10" tampos Chrome / Plastic Yellow tint White 5SP Thailand "Reptile Eater" painted along rocker panel Ford Thunderbolt Serpent Cyclone - 9736df
Side Kick Black Black, Yellow and Orange "SC Police" tampos White / Plastic Yellow tint White 5DOT Thailand Pull on exhaust pipes, seat comes out the side Side Kick Serpent Cyclone - 9731cf
Deora II Metalflake Purple Purple, Blue and White Snake tampos Black / Plastic Clear Blue Chrome Blue Chrome 3SP Thailand No surfboards Deora II Serpent Cyclone - 9729df