Roll Cage
Debut Series 2000 First Editions
Produced 2000-present
Designer Mark Barthold
Number 24387
Roll Cage Yel


Roll Cage was Mark Barthold's first and only design. Mark worked for the brand designing many of the outragous and innovative toys under the Hot Wheels umbrella including XV Racers and most of the flying toys of the late 90's and early 00's. Note: The Roll Cage has the same spare Off Road Saw Blade tire no matter what the main tire type is. In 2010, a casting change resulted in the removal of the spare tire. In 2013, the casting was changed again; the metallic side panels were now molded as a single piece with the body, instead of the metallic side panels being a part of the base.

The Roll Cage was featured in Stunt Track Driver 2: Get'n Dirty, Hot Wheels: Extreme Racing, and the GBA version of Velocity X.


The Roll Cage has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
2000 First Editions
Yellow Red and White "Hot Wheels" logo Zamac Black ORSB 24387 Malaysia First Editions
Painted Base
Roll Cage Yel
2001 Hot Wheels Red Red and White "Hot Wheels" logo Zamac Black ORSB 24387 Malaysia Roll Cage Red
2001 Treasure Hunts
Orange Black and Orange. Thunt on side White Metal Black and Gold Chrome RR Malaysia Treasure Hunts Rolcage
2001 Stunt Track Driver CD-Rom Blue Red,White,Black and #1 Painted Silver Red Blue ORSB Malaysia RollCage StuntTrackDriver2
2002 Crash Canyon Playset Red Red Box with Yellow Explosion Painted Silver Black ORSBor OR5SP Malaysia 20180302 235031-1
2002 Originals Burnt Orange Painted Black Army Green RR Malaysia Image Not Available
2002 4x4 Monsters 5-Pack Silver Team Noah Racing Yellow Black OR5SP Thailand Tampo Variation Roll Cage CIMG1737
2003 Pavement Pounders Neon Yellow Yellow Box #10 Painted Silver Black OR5SP Malaysia Image Not Available
2003 Alt Terrain
Camo Green Green, Tan. "Hot Wheels" Black Painted Tan Chrome OR5SP C1370 Malaysia
2004 Track Aces
Blue Flame Tampo #4 Red Painted (Gold/Chrome) Red Gold OR5SP Thailand RollCageB3807
146 2006 Mainline
Neon Yellow HW Racing Badge Painted Black Red OR5SP J8007 2006-Roll Cage
2007 Egg-Clusives Metalflake Light Blue Roll Cage White, Light Blue, Blue and Dark Blue tampos on sides and front to top Zamac Blue OR5SP L4700 Thailand Wal-Mart Exclusive Roll Cage Easter Car
2007 Easter Eggs-treme 5-Pack Snow White White & Blue Cloud Tampo Zamac Blue OR5SP Thailand Target Exclusive Image Not Available
057 2008 2008 All Stars Gray Gray and Silver tampos w/Skull on sides Painted Black Red OR5SP M6923 Malaysia Rollcage allstar black
057 2008 2008 All Stars Dark Green Black and Dark Green tampos w/Skull on sides Painted Tan Green OR5SP M6923 Malaysia 057 Roll Cage (Green)
057 2008 2008 All Stars Black Black and Dark Gray tampos w/Skull on sides Painted Silver Red OR5SP M6923 Malaysia Rollcage
142 2009 Rebel Rides Series #6 Dark Red Black & Red Graphic on Side. Fist with Flame attached. Unpainted Metal Black OR5SP P2462 Malaysia Base New HW Logo Rollcage rebel red
N/A 2010 Jungle Rally 5-Pack Khaki Green Blue & White tampos on side Gold Painted Metal Red OR6SP R0964 Thailand Casting change: No spare tire
Base Code(s):
RollCage Jungle Rally Khaki
N/A 2010 Jungle Rally 5-Pack Yellow Blue & White tampos on side Painted Blue Orange OR6SP R0964 Thailand Base Code(s): Roll Cage Blue (640x480)
215 2011 Thrill Racers - Jungle 5/6 Green Black & White Tampos, "8" Gold Black Green Rim, Brown OR6SP T9922 Malaysia Base Code(s): D23 2011RollCage
N/A 2012 Creature Cars 5 Red Target, Tampos "hunt", "1" Matte Grey / Metal Black Gold Rim, Black OR6SP W4248 Thailand Base Code(s) E43 DSC00052
N/A 2013 Jungle Rally Orange White, Black, Gray, & Light Green deco, '945' on sides Light Blue / Plastic Yellow Brown OR6SP X9861 Thailand Updated tooling Roll Cage (X9861)
N/A 2014 Demolition Derby Silver Black & White stripes, Red '98' on sides Black / Plastic Red Red OR6SP BFB40 Thailand IMG 3107 24-0
5pk 2015 Spin Storm Red Black & Yellow design, HW Logo on sides Black / Plastic Black OR6SP w/ Yellow rims CDT22 Thailand Base Code(s): H22 RollCageCDT22