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Debut Series 1988 Hot Wheels Action Command
Produced 1988
Designer Larry Wood
Number 9380
Rocketank - 6010df


The Rocketank is a little used, curious casting. The base shows it was first molded in 1974, but it wasn't released until the 1976 line, and with odd name of Aw Shoot. For that casting, it had large cannon centrally located and was made in Malaysia. In 1977, it got an apparent upgrade in the form of a large missile, with new mounting, where the gun formerly was. On the side of the missile can be seen the molding date of 1977 and the country of origin, Malaysia. But this new upgrade was not released until 1988, when the vehicle was issued with the current name of Rocketank in the Hot Wheels Action Command line, and colored olive. It was also released in tan later that same year. The original version of Aw Shoot was re-released in 1986, in olive, and 1987 in tan, so one wonders why the update from 1977 still hadn't been used. Then in 1996 it was called the Rocket Shot on the card.


The Rocketank has come out in only the two following 1/64 scale versions so far:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
9380 1988 1988 Hot Wheels Action Command Olive No tampos Olive / Metal Olive Hidden rollers - Black Malaysia Simulated treads Rocketank - 6010df
9380 1988 1988 Hot Wheels Action Command Tan Tan / Metal Tan Hidden rollers - Black Malaysia Rocket Tank Tan
491 1996 1996 Hot Wheels Metalflake Gray and Flourescent Orange Hot Wheels logo on front Metalflake Gray / Metal Hidden rollers - Black 16298 China Issued as Rocket Shot Rocket Tank GryNorg
1997 1997 Hot Wheels Metallic Purple Black Camoflauge w/ Silver "Night Force" on front Hidden rollers - Black China Issued as Rocket Shot Rocketank purple

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