Rocket Box
Debut Series 2005 First Editions
Produced 2005-
Designer Jun Imai
Number G6073
Rocket Box Jun Art


The Rocket Box is a Hot Wheels casting designed by Jun Imai. The First Edition version came out with many variations ranging from tampos, the number used on the side, paint finishes, and base colors. It is one of the smallest Hot Wheels cars. It is almost the same size as Hyper Mite.

In its first release, Rocket Box was classified as part of the Blings subseries in the First Editions line. Rocket Box was number 6 of 10 in that year's Blings subset. It was also number 36 in the First Editions series.

The tooling for the car was modified in 2017 while the car was in the HW Art Cars segment, the rear panel doesn't have the window part anymore, and the base is now completely plastic..


The Rocket Box has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy Number Country Notes / Variations Photo
36 2005 2005 First Editions 36/60 Flat White Number 15 Tampo Unpainted / Metal Orange Orange 5SP G6703 Malaysia Gray Skirt FE Rocket Box
36 2005 2005 First Editions 36/60 Gloss White Number 26 Tampo Unpainted / Metal Orange Orange PR5 G6703 Malaysia Black Skirt 2005-036f
161 2006 2006 Hot Wheels Flat Back Grey & Red Tampos Unpainted / Metal Red Chrome PR5 Malaysia 161-Rocket Box
90 2007 Code Car 6/24 Purple Orange & Silver Flames Unpainted / Metal Orange Chrome PR5 Malaysia 2007-Blings Rocket Box
90 2007 Code Car 6/24 Yellow Black & Silver Flames Unpainted / Metal Black Chrome PR5 Malaysia 100 3665
2008 2008 Egg-Clusives Series Antifreeze Green Orange and White flames on sides Unpainted / Metal Orange Chrome PR5 N1141 Thailand Wal-Mart Exclusive 100 3671
2008 2008 Egg Hunt Easter Speedsters 6-Pk Flat Lavender Pink Flame Tampos Unpainted / Metal Orange Chrome PR5 L5065 Thailand Target Exclusive Lavande
205 2010 Race World Cave Red Blue, White, Black and Tan tiki style design Unpainted / Metal Black Gold PR5 R7634 Malaysia Base code(s): B52 100 2253
2011 Graffiti Rides 5-Pack Yellow White, Green and tampos Chrome / Plastic Green Green PR5 T8640 Thailand Base code(s): RocketBoxGraffiti
N/A 2014 Ultimate Racing 5-Pack Blue Yellow & Green flames, Black & White '27' on sides Yellow / Plastic Orange Yellow OH5 BFB39 Malaysia Base code(s): IMG 3087 24
2015 Graffiti Rides Green Yellow, Black, Red, & White graffiti deco on sides Black / Plastic Blue Blue PR5 CDT17 Malaysia Base code(s): IMG 2967 24
03 2016 Mystery Models (Canada Exclusive) Gold Black and gold stripes on top, with Black and gold flames Gold / Plastic Opaque Black Black Gold PR5 Malaysia The packaging vehicle for the Mystery Models Image Not Available
038 / 365 2017 HW Art Cars  10/10 Yellow Blue & Dark Blue graffiti on sides & top, 'T' on top Dark Blue / Metal Tinted (Dark Blue) Chrome Multicolored PR5 DTX96 Malaysia Base code(s): J40 Rocket Box 2017
226 / 365 2017 HW Art Cars  10/10 Grey Blue & Dark Blue graffiti on sides & top, 'T' on top, "EPIC" on the left side Black Tinted (Yellow) Chrome Chrome Purple PR5 / Chrome Orange PR5 DVB86 Malaysia Base code(s): K09 DSCN3468