The Road Repair 5-Pack was released in 1997, featuring the following vehicles.



Casting Name Body Color Tampo Color Base Color + Type Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Country Notes Photo
Dodge Ram 1500 Orange Black, Yellow & White "ROAD DEPT.", "SUPERVISOR", "RADIO DISPATCH" Gray / Plastic Clear Black 5SP Malaysia Dodge Ram - 97 Road Repair 5-Pack
Tank Truck White with Black plastic tank Yellow, White "WATER DUST CONTROL" Orange / Plastic Black unseen 5SP Malaysia Tank Truck Wht5sp
Oshkosh Cement Mixer Orange with Gray fenders and Black mixer Yellow, White, Silver "53" "CEMENT" Gray / Plastic N/A Grey 5SP Malaysia Oshkosh Cement Mixer Org
Peterbilt Dump Truck Orange Yellow, White, Black "Road Dept." Unpainted / Metal Clear Black 5SP Malaysia Grey Dump Bed Peterbilt Dump Org
Oshkosh Snow Plow White with Orange plastic top and bed Black, White, yellow "ROAD DEPT." Unpainted / Metal No Windows White SB Malaysia Did not come with plow attachment Oshkosh Snowplow WhtOrg

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