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Debut Series 2011 New Models
Produced 2011-present
Designer Kevin Cao
Number T9683

The Retro-Active was a Hot Wheels casting designed by Kevin Cao which has a detailed socket in the rear of the car. Kevin's last name also appears on the car (ex. Cao Tech). It's most likely an electric car considering the socket and battery. This Is first Hot Wheels Car powered by electric charge.


Retro-Active has been released in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color / Type Window / Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
13 2011 2011 New Models


Fluorescent Antifreeze Black 'Cao Tech Electronics' on hood, 'Danger High Voltage' on rear fenders Chrome / Plastic Black PR5 T9683 Malaysia Base code(s): D06 2011Retro-Active
71 2012 2012 Track Stars 6/15 Satin Magenta Yellow, Orange, White & Black tampos, '3' on top & hood 'Cao', Beige stripe White / Plastic Clear Teal Orange Chrome OH5 V5359 Malaysia Base code(s): D40, D49 Retroactive
56 2013 HW Imagination - Future Fleet Black Yellow & Lime Green tampos across top Gray / Plastic Clear Green Yellow OH5 w/ Black spokes & rims X1706 Malaysia Base code(s): E37 RetroactiveCity13
56 2013 HW Imagination - Future Fleet Satin Blue Olive & White tampos across top Light Blue / Plastic Clear Yellow Gray OH5 w/ White spokes & rims X1892 Malaysia Base code(s): E37, E40 Retro-Active-2013 056 Future Fleet
56 2013 HW Imagination - Future Fleet Metalflake Dark Green Yellow & Lime Green tampos across top Black / Plastic Clear Yellow Glow OH5 w/ Black rims X1893 Malaysia Base code(s): F05 RetroActive5b
56 2014 HW City - Future Fleet White Blue & Green tampos across top Pale Blue / Plastic Clear Blue Green OH5 w/ Chrome spokes & rims BFC70 Malaysia Base code(s): F41 Retro-Active-2014 056
- 2014 Spider-Man 2: Spider Loop Speedway Black Metalflake Silver designs on top Baby Blue / Plastic Clear Blue Black OH5 w/ Blue Chrome rims BLK89 Malaysia Base code(s): G32, F49 SLSRetroActive
- 2015 Dino Riders 5-Pack Metalflake Purple Black, Green & Blue designs, White 'Dinosaur Patrol' & HW Logo across top Silver / Plastic Clear Green White OH5 w/ Black spokes & rims CDT19 Thailand Base code(s): H12 Retro-ActiveCDT19
- 2016 HW Formula Space 5-Pack Metalflake Gold Black & White designs, White '4' & HW Logo across top White / Plastic Clear Blue Grey OH5 w/ Gold Chrome rims DJD31 Thailand Base code(s): J29 Retro-ActiveDJD31


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