Debut Series AcceleRacers Metal Maniacs #8
Produced 2005 -
Designer Greg Padginton
Number G8101


The Rat-ified is a rat rod from the Acceleracers series driven by Mitchell "Monkey" Mclurg of the Metal Maniacs. This monster is powered by a 900hp all aluminum supercharged alcohol burning quad exhaust V12 with headers connected to a 7 speed paddle shift transmission. The body is made out of carbon fiber on pushrod suspension and has steel chassis bull bars protect the engine. Rat-ified has over a 1000 f/lb of torque letting Rat-ified accelerate extremely fast. The car has 18" front/20"rear wheels with 45 series rubber slicks with carbon fiber 4 piston brakes with slotted rotors. 


The Rat-ified has come out in the following 1/64 scale versions:

Col # Year Series Color Tampo Base Color Window Color Interior Color Wheel Type Toy # Country Notes / Variations Photo
8/9 2005 [[2005 AcceleRacers SeriesAcceleRacers]] Metal Maniacs Flat Brown White, and Black tampos ZAMAC Smoked ZAMAC CM6 G8101 Malaysia Rat-ified
8/9 2005 AcceleRacers Metal Maniacs Flat Brown White, and Black tampos ZAMAC Smoked ZAMAC CM5 G8101 Malaysia Rat-ified-2005 AcceleRacers Series CM5
8/9 2005 AcceleRacers Drone'd Series Black Green and black Racing Drones tampos Unpainted/Metal Green ZAMAC CM6 Malaysia
127 2008 Rat Rods Team Flat Black Red & White Tribal. Unpainted metal Tint Unpainted metal Black 5SP M6897 Malaysia Black
146 / 250 2013 HW Racing - Chrome Racers Chrome,Satin Red Black & Red tampos Unpainted metal Red tint ZAMAC Red rim, Black OH5 X1774 Malaysia Rat-ified -2013 146 Chrome Racers
146 / 250 2013 HW Racing - Chrome Racers Gold Chrome, Satin Black Blue & Orange tampos Unpainted metal Blue tint Unpainted Metal Orange rim, Black OH5 X1950 Malaysia 20130801 181610
5pk 2014 Max Steel Aqua Invasion Image Not Available

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